Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Heat: All You Need To Know

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

There are many fantastic features to desire in your Tesla Model Y car. You don’t, however, want a feature that generates heat. No one likes heat, especially in a Tesla car.

The heat is discomforting and can lead to heat burns. For this reason, people wonder whether the Tesla Model Y glass roof makes the car heat up. 

The glass roof of the Tesla Model Y can get hot. The situation can even worsen on sunny days and during the summer. During this period, the heat from the sun can make the temperature of your car’s interior very high, making you uncomfortable and impacting your driving experience. Some people even worry about getting sunburnt through the glass roof. 

Even though this heating situation may be very inconvenient and burdensome,  you shouldn’t be dismayed. 

That is because there are several ways to resolve the glass roof heating problems associated with the Tesla Model Y glass roof. So that’s what we will discuss in the article.

Read ahead; shortly, you’ll learn everything you need about the Tesla Model Y glass roof and heat. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Does the Glass Roof Cause Heat In the Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Heat

The glass roof of the Tesla Model Y causes heat. This condition is similar to all other cars with metal roofs.

Whatever stays exposed to sunlight for a long time heats up gradually. If it remains for an extended period, the item may get too hot to the touch. 

Cars with metal roofs have this same principle, and so do cars with glass roofs. The heat from the sun will slowly heat the glass or metal surface of the car. 

After a while, the heat slowly radiates into your car’s interior. By this time, your car heats up, and you begin to feel hot.

You might experience more intense heat on sunny days than in optimal conditions.

The glass roof can get so hot on these scorching days that your skin might get burned by touching it. 

Some Tesla Model Y users complain that their neck and shoulder skin got tanned by the heat that penetrated the glass roof. 

Others complained that the heat they experienced caused sunburns for them.

Despite all these, it is essential to point out that, compared to cars with metal roofs, the heating you get in cars with glass roofs is relatively less.

Here are some differences between cars with metal roofs and glass roofs, emphasizing heating.

FeatureMetal Roofs Glass Roofs 
Heat RadiationMetal roofs radiate more heat in cars. Glass roofs radiate less heat than metal roofs. 
Ease of Heating UpMetal roofs heat up faster.The glass roof heats up slower. 

Can a Roof Tint Prevent Heat In a Tesla Model Y?

Yes, a roof tint can significantly reduce heat buildup in a Tesla Model Y. This method is one of the most common ways to resolve heat issues in your Tesla Model Y.

Since the Tesla Model Y has a glass roof, you can tint it to reduce the heat you feel when driving your car. 

However, only a few tint shops might be willing to do this for you since they don’t recommend it. 

Therefore, you would need professionals willing to do the task in such a situation.

Nevertheless, there is a limit to the amount of heat that tinting your glass roof will help prevent. 

Roof tinting may prevent the UV rays that cause sunburns and skin aging. However, it may not hinder the infrared rays by much. 

For this reason, your car’s interior might still be heating up on extremely sunny days. Nonetheless, tinting your roof glass is a viable solution for heat reduction.

In addition, tinted roof glasses also perform aesthetic functions, so you will feel fulfilled doing that. 

Does the Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Reject Heat?

Generally, in cars with glass roofs, manufacturers coat the glass with filters that block most radiation from the sun. 

For instance, Tesla coats its vehicles with filters that prevent UV rays from getting into the vehicle and causing damage to the driver’s and occupants’ skins. 

According to reports from Tesla, the roof absorbs more than 99% of every UV ray that gets to the car. With this, UV rays will not cause sunburn or skin aging. 

However, you might need to sit in your car with very high solar radiation for about 100 days. 

Before, you could get the same UV dose when standing in the sun for a day. You can say the same for the heat getting into the car. 

With special filters and other components in the glass, the heat radiating into the interior from the glass roof surface is minimal. 

Therefore, you can say that the Tesla Model Y glass roof rejects heat. However, there is a limit to the amount of heat it can reject.  

Do You Need Glass Roof Sunshade In a Model Y?

Glass roof sunshades are another option for keeping the heat at bay.

If you notice that a tinted glass roof is inefficient at resolving the heating issue, you should opt for sunshades. 

The sunshades are very important, particularly in hot conditions. That is because they have reflective ultraviolet rays and heat insulation covers that reflect the sun’s rays away.

It blocks 99% of the ultraviolet rays, which are damaging. As a result, the sun shades keep you happy and relaxed while driving in the summer.

Glass roof sunshades are similar to the windshield shades that many people use. They operate on the same principles that windscreen shades follow.

The Tesla Model Y glass roof sun shades also prevent about 66% of light transmittance. Moreover, it does this without any compromise on rearward visibility. 

The sunshades are easily removable, and you can install them onto the interior of the glass roof using the clips the manufacturers provide.

The sunshades collapse when you remove them, and you can store them in the zippered pouch that comes along with them. 

A perfect combination you can employ is a sunshade with an excellent ceramic tint. This combination is highly effective in keeping heat away. 

If you opt for the glass tints alone, they can suffice. However, the radiated heat can still get in.

That is where the glass-roof sun shades have an advantage. They can help prevent heat radiation from entering your Tesla Y model car.


#1. How Can I Prevent My Model Y from Heating up in the Sun? 

Keeping your car parked in a covered garage is advisable to avoid the radiated heat when you come back to drive. 

#2. Can My Air Conditioning Remove the Heat? 

The air conditioning in your Model Y is relatively efficient. However, if you park your car under the sun for an extended period, the heat might take some time to dissipate entirely. 

#3. Are There Other Ways to Reduce the Heat? 

Yes, there are. You can use the Tesla mobile app to lower the windows slightly before you drive to dispel some heat in the car.

Additionally, you can enable climate control for about five minutes before driving to lower the interior’s temperature to a comfortable one. 

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