This is How To Fix Tesla Rear View Mirror!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:16 pm

It is not uncommon for your Tesla rearview mirror to develop a fault; it may pop off from the ball and socket joint if you push it too hard or disconnect due to impact during a crash. 

When this happens, you don’t need to panic. Professional technicians can help you restore your rearview mirror, but so can you. 

To fix a Tesla rearview mirror, remove the retaining ring from the circle by inserting a screwdriver into the gap at the top of the circle, and push the mirror back over the teeth and the ball. Push the teeth against the ball, and the ball and the mirror will pop back in. 

Fixing your Tesla rearview mirror is easy once you know what you’re doing. This article will show you the faults a Tesla rearview mirror may have and how to fix your mirror.

How Do I Fix my Tesla’s Rearview Mirror?

How to Fix Tesla Rearview Mirror

If your Tesla rear view mirror comes off from the socket joint, it is usually attached to and hangs or dangles in front of the windshield; you can put it back in place.

You have to be very careful because if you apply too much pressure to reattach the mirror to the ball and socket joint, you can break your windshield or cause other damage. 

If you’re confident about fixing the rearview mirror without any issues, follow the instructions below.

  • Your Tesla rearview mirror is attached to a ball and socket joint; there is a circle on the back of the mirror with a steel ring that wraps around the ball and socket joint. 
  • The steel ring is circular, but there is a small gap in the circle.
  • First, you need to remove the retaining ring from the teeth so that the teeth can expand fully and go over the ball and socket joint.
  • Take a screwdriver, put it in the gap, and push it out carefully. The ring will come out without a fuss. Then you pull it out and slide it over the ball.
  • Place the teeth on the back of the mirror onto the ball and apply some pressure; a little pressure should be enough to pop the mirror back in place over the ball.
  • You can use your screwdriver to push the ring back in place. 

What Are The Common Faults with Tesla Rear View Mirrors?

Many Tesla users have complained about Tesla rear view mirrors having some faults. Different models of Tesla have had different issues, and Tesla had to recall some vehicles as a result.

Some of the recent more common issues Tesla rear view mirrors have had include;

#1. Tesla Rear View Mirror Too Dark

Many Tesla users, even the brand’s most loyal customers, have complained about the rearview mirrors being too dark, especially at night.

The dark mirror is very inconvenient for drivers because it is difficult to see the road when the rearview mirror is so dark. 

However, the dark rearview mirror is no accident. Tesla rearview mirrors have auto-dim features.

These features aim to reduce or eliminate glare from other road users, especially at night, but instead, the mirror goes dark, and the driver can not see into the mirror anymore.

In some Tesla models, there is a button to turn off the auto-dimming feature, but for others, the drivers must keep driving with the darkened mirror, which is a safety hazard in most cases.

#2. Tesla Rear View Mirror Disconnecting From the Ball Socket Joint 

The issue is especially common with the Tesla Model 3; the Tesla mirror is usually connected to the windshield with a gadget called a ball socket joint, and it’s very common for the rearview mirror to pop off from the joint holding it to the windshield. 

Sometimes it does not completely fall off, it just comes off and dangles from the windshield, but in some cases, it may completely fall off. 

If that happens, you can pop it back in place if you know how. But if you’re not comfortable doing that, call Tesla support for assistance. 

#3. The Rearview Mirror is too Small.

Some Tesla owners have complained about the size of the rearview mirror, especially since the mirror does not allow a view of the vehicles behind them, only a limited view of the back seat.

This issue is especially noticeable with three-seater versions of the Tesla. Those who use the six-seater Tesla experience the issue less than those with the three-seater. 

The small mirror makes it difficult to see out of the rearview mirror because it is too small, and the headrests block your view; when you look into the rearview mirror, you can only see the headrests.

Some customers say that the small rearview mirror isn’t that much of an issue, and they can use it regardless. But if it bothers you, you can change the mirror for an additional fee. 

How Do You Change the Rear View Mirror on a Tesla?

To change a Tesla rearview mirror, you’ll remove the old rearview mirror and replace it with a new one. 

To remove the rearview mirror on your Tesla, follow the instructions below.

  • First, get a slim card; you can use an old card or any flat thin material.
  • Insert the card in the back where the mirror is attached to the windshield and twist slightly until the back cover comes off; place the cover aside.
  • Hold the mirror securely and turn it counterclockwise. It will disconnect from the part of the mirror on the windshield and remove the clip.
  • Next, remove the screws on the trim panel of the rearview mirror connected to the windshield. 
  • Use a gasket stick to pry the cover of the rearview mirror base away from the windshield. 
  • Finally, remove the rest of the screws from the trim panel on the windshield with a screwdriver. 

It is important to note that there may be a few differences in the removal processes depending on the model Tesla you’re working on. 

Model 3 Teslas don’t have any screws, so all you have to do is twist the decorative cover and trim panel on the windshield instead of removing them with a screwdriver. 

Once you’ve removed the old rearview mirror from the Tesla, you can get your new windshield and install it in place of the old one. 

Install your new rearview mirror in the following steps.

  • After you’ve separated the rearview mirror base from the rearview mirror, remove the spring piece on the rearview mirror bracket. 
  • Install the spring piece above the new rearview mirror bracket and use the matched screw to install the spring piece on the new rearview mirror. 
  • Take the new rearview mirror and screw it to the left on the rearview mirror base (which should still be on the windshield); make sure the screw is tight.
  • Take the rearview mirror trim panel and install it back on the glass. Fix the rearview mirror base back on the glass. 
  • Once the base is back on the glass, use a screwdriver to tighten the screw and put the cover back in place. 
  • Make sure everything is tightened and secure, and your new rear mirror is in place. 

How Much Do Tesla Rear View Mirrors Cost?

Tesla rearview mirrors do not have a uniform price. Instead, the price of Tesla rear view mirrors varies mostly depending on the model of the Tesla you’re buying the mirror for.

Also, customers often prefer to buy a pre-owned rearview mirror for their cars. Also, if the rearview mirror is custom-made or has special features, it will cost more.

A Tesla rearview mirror may cost anything between $120-$200, which does not include the cost of installation or delivery if you’re having the rearview mirror delivered.

Also, if you have special features such as a rearview mirror with a camera and streaming features, it will cost you upward of $500 minus delivery and installation.

Therefore, the model is the major factor in the price of Tesla rearview mirrors.

The table below outlines the price range of Tesla rearview mirrors according to the different models.

Tesla ModelPrice Range Of Rear View Mirror 
Model Y$120-$180
Model 3$150-$200
Model S$120-$150
Model X$180-$200


Why Does Tesla Rearview Mirror Come Off?

Rearview mirrors can fall off in the event of a crash, impact during a collision with another vehicle, or come off if you use too much force when trying to adjust them.

Can I Replace my Tesla Rearview Mirror Myself?

You can replace your rearview mirror if you’re confident in your DIY skills, and you can purchase a new mirror. Otherwise, call customer support.

How Much Does a Tesla Side Door Mirror Cost?

Purchasing and installing the side door mirror on your Tesla will cost you between $750-$760, give and take. 

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