Is Tesla Homelink Worth It? (Everything You Should Know)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Nothing beats the conveniences that you often get from Tesla model vehicles.

One of the most noticeable of the many utilities available to Tesla vehicle models is the Tesla Homelink. 

The features of Tesla Homelink are enough reasons to opt for it.

However, even though the Tesla Homelink has enticing features, it is very expensive, considering the various alternatives. 

For this reason, the same question ponders in our minds: Is the Tesla Homelink worth it? 

Certainly, the Tesla Homelink, even though considered a luxurious convenience, is worth the cost. Having a tech that electronically and automatically opens/closes your gates and doors is truly a relief. The Tesla Homelink does not only remain at opening/closing doors; it offers other security features that aren’t the case with other alternatives. 

There are many alternatives to the Tesla Homelink performing the same purpose and are equally less expensive. 

Then, why is the Tesla Homelink worth it? You may ask. This article contains everything about the Tesla Homelink, including its pros and cons. 

What Does the Tesla Homelink Do?

Is Tesla Homelink Worth It

The Homelink is an automation system program in Tesla vehicles that opens and closes your door/garage. 

The Tesla Homelink consists of an integrated Tesla touchscreen program that performs the above functions. 

It can either use a radio frequency or a cloud-based wireless control depending on the controlled device to perform its function.

So, just as you have a garage or door remote to open and close your door, the Homelink equally does the same job. 

However, It is more viable than having numerous remote controls for every gadget in your home.

One amazing feature of the Homelink is that it automatically functions as you move close to the door. 

Yes, it functions like a motion sensor that automatically opens and closes a door when it perceives motion.

In like manner, as the Homelink functions, it sends a radio frequency to the controlled devices to perform other functions. 

Other functions the sense that Tesla Homelink doesn’t just open and close doors; it can also connect to security systems.

Also, you can use the Tesla Homelink to control home automated devices such as thermostats and more!

You can use the Tesla Homelink to control light bulbs as well automatically. It will amaze you that the Tesla Homelink is also available for your Android and iOS devices.

Most of the Tesla Homelink’s enticing features are available to the Tesla Homelink Connect on your smartphone. 

You will enjoy more options with the Tesla Homelink Connect. For more information on the Tesla Homelink Connect, click here to go to the Homelink Connect website.

The Tesla Homelink is a great relief when performing its automation functions compared to other alternatives. 

How Much Does a Tesla Homelink Installation Cost?

It will cost you a flat rate of about $300 to buy the Tesla Homelink directly from any Tesla store. 

However, it will cost you an extra $50 to make an order online through the Tesla app, costing you a total of $350. 

Well, it will even cost higher when you don’t have a Tesla service store around your region. Nevertheless, regardless of the cost, I assure you it is worth it.

After purchasing the Tesla Homelink separately directly from Tesla, you’ll have to pick an appointment for installation.

It is worth noting that the installation cost of the Tesla Homelink is free after purchase. You are not required to pay any extra fee for the Homelink installation.

Also, you can decide to program the Tesla Homelink during the installation and trial process. I recommend that you allow the professional to do the installation work.

Getting the Tesla Homelink and scheduling an appointment with Tesla is always a long route to follow. Nevertheless, do not attempt to install the Tesla Homelink yourself.

At best, to reduce the overall cost, you can opt for an aftermarket Tesla Homelink which costs less.

However, you can equally get the aftermarket Tesla Homelink at eBay for as low as $200.

Click here for the 2017-2022 Tesla M3 Homelink door opener module. This way, you can install it even on a different vehicle brand. 

Is Tesla Homelink Worth It?

Even though the Tesla Homelink is quite expensive, it is still worth the price. Moreover, gadgets worth it are usually expensive in price, value, and other senses.

While the majority will consider it as only a luxurious convenience, the case is different for Tesla users.

The several amazing features and magic-like functions of the Tesla Homelink make up for its worth. 

You must also note that utilities as such are what makes the Tesla brand a top-ranking vehicle brand.     

Even though the Tesla Homelink is expensive compared to other alternatives, you can surely bank on its reliability. 

Remember that the Homelink uses radio or cloud-based wireless control to perform its function. 

So, the Homelink will automatically function just as you programmed it at any time of the day. 

Therefore, you do not need to fear it becoming broken or depreciating on prolonged use.

Its lifespan is comparatively the lifespan of the vehicle; hence durability is unquestionable.

To further prove the worth of the Tesla Homelink, check the ease that comes with the function of Tesla Homelink. 

Then, calculate the cost for the purchase and installation of the automation system.

Compare both and see that it is truly worth the cost whatsoever it may be. Plus, it is worth noting that the Tesla Homelink requires little or no maintenance.

No Tesla user disregards the value of Tesla Homelink even though Tesla cars also come standard with a door remote.

In addition, as the Tesla Homelink automation system is connectable to various controlled devices, you can surely attest that it is worth the cost. 

Finally, the Tesla Homelink automation system can work with other controlled home devices to provide security.

Is Tesla Homelink Factory-Fitted?

The Tesla Homelink isn’t factory-fitted into every Tesla vehicle model. For some Tesla models, you may have the Homelink factory-fitted, whereas, for others, it is an option.

Examples of Tesla models with the Tesla Homelink factory-fitted include the Model S and X series. The Tesla Model 3s was factory-fitted until 2019, when it became an option. 

However, all Tesla models can open and close doors using the Tesla Homelink. But only a few models of Tesla have the Tesla Homelink Factory fitted in them.

Therefore, if you have any of these series, you can use the Tesla Homelink in the vehicle. 

Nevertheless, if your Tesla model doesn’t have the Homelink, you can opt to retrofit it into your vehicle.

However, not every Tesla model has the Tesla Homelink factory-fitted in them. Here is how to know if your Tesla model has the Tesla Homelink or not;

  • Turn on the Tesla display touchscreen.
  • Go to controls, and under it, tap on software. The software menu contains the important details of the Model you have.
  • Browse the menu to find Tesla Homelink hardware and tap on it.
  • A pop-up will either carry “Not installed” or “Homelink name.” “Not installed” means there’s no Homelink for that Model and vice versa.

The simple reason for the Tesla Homelink becoming an option for customers is its cost.

And coupled with the cost is the alternative door remote that is available in every Tesla model.

But, just as mentioned earlier, every Tesla vehicle model can have the Tesla Homelink installed after purchase.

On delivery of your Tesla, you can decide to install the Tesla Homelink.

You can separately purchase the Tesla Homelink directly from Tesla if your vehicle model doesn’t have the Homelink.

Should You Get the Tesla Homelink?

Getting the Tesla Homelink or not depends on your individual preference.

The features of the Tesla Homelink are enough reasons to get one installed, but it doesn’t apply to everybody. 

From most reports and customer feedback, the Tesla Homelink is only a luxurious convenience. 

Although the Tesla Homelink’s amazing features are unquestionable, you must consider certain factors before getting one.

Also, even though the Tesla Homelink is a very reliable automation control system, there are still some setbacks.

Setbacks that can stand as great deterrence to you from getting one.

For instance, the cost of the Tesla Homelink is one great factor to consider before attempting to install it. 

Again, the fact that numerous other good alternatives perform the same function is another factor to consider.

The table below contains the pros and cons of the Tesla Homelink

Connectable to all home-controlled devices. Very expensive to purchase and install.
Tesla Homelink is very reliable.You can only connect three devices at a time.
It is an automated control system.It opens and closes your door without your directions.
Tesla Homelink is safe.It works with GPS in only programmed locations.
Requires little or no maintenance in vehicles.Scheduling service appointments can be problematic.


Several utilities rank the Tesla vehicles among the luxurious and premium vehicle brands. 

The Tesla Homelink is a good example of such utilities that are very expensive compared to their alternatives.

However, regardless of the overall cost of getting the Homelink, you can be sure it is worth the cost. 

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