Tesla AAA Membership: All You Need To Know

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

As a reputable automobile company, Tesla ensures that Tesla owners’ safety and comfort are prioritized. 

In light of this, they partner with organizations capable of providing emergency services for Tesla owners, such as the American Automobile Association.

The American Automobile Association is trusted by many and is known for being reliable and efficient. 

If you’re wondering whether you could use the services offered by AAA as a Tesla owner, you’re in the right place.

Tesla AAA emphasizes the benefits a Tesla owner with an AAA membership can gain. Contrary to popular opinion, you can enjoy roadside assistance, discounts, free towing, emergency fuel refill, car insurance, and other AAA benefits while using a Tesla. However, you’d need a valid AAA membership to enjoy these benefits with your Tesla.

In this article, I will explain if you can use AAA as a Tesla owner and if Tesla owners need an AAA membership.

In the end, you’ll learn about the benefits of an AAA membership, and you can decide whether your Tesla needs one.

Can You Use AAA with a Tesla?

Tesla AAA

You can use the services of the American Automobile Association (AAA) with a Tesla because they also cater to electric vehicles.

Most Tesla owners are still determining whether they can use the AAA’s services because Tesla comes with roadside assistance.

However, electric vehicle owners can use Tesla’s roadside assistance and the AAA’s services interchangeably without hassle.

There are services that Tesla’s roadside assistance can offer that AAA might not be fit to provide and vice versa.

All you need to benefit from the services rendered by AAA is a valid membership, which could be yearly or monthly.

Most Tesla owners are better accustomed to Tesla roadside assistance and might be skeptical about getting an AAA membership because they own an electric vehicle.

This skepticism can be eased by comparing Tesla road assistance and the American Automobile Association. 

Below is a table that shows the differences between Tesla roadside assistance and the American Automobile Association to help you make an informed decision:

Tesla Roadside Assistance American Automobile Association
Offers a limited range of services.Offers a wider range of services to its members.
It is only available in a few locations.Offers its services to members all over the United States and Canada.
It is free for the first four years or after 50,000 miles are covered.Has an expensive membership plan, and not all plans have the same benefits attached.
Has a poor response rate, and they arrive in hours or the next day after being contacted.Has a quick response rate, and they ensure that they locate the driver in 20 minutes after being alerted.
Provides charging stations for Tesla cars that run out of battery while driving.AAA does not provide charging stations for Tesla cars that run out of battery.
Provides tire repairs and replacement services for Tesla owners.AAA does not provide tire replacement or repairs for Tesla owners.

Can AAA Change a Tesla Tire?

The AAA’s services don’t include replacing damaged Tesla tires; however, they can offer you a towing service. 

Tesla tires are unique and can be found at a Tesla service center or a third-party tire shop, so AAA does not provide them.

Alternatively, AAA can tow your vehicle to the nearest Tesla service center or third-party tire shop for a tire replacement or repair.

The fact that AAA doesn’t offer Tesla tire services might be discouraging to some people, but it’s owing to how expensive and complex they are.

Does AAA Jump Start Tesla? 

AAA’s service doesn’t provide a jump start for your Tesla when it runs out of battery charge by the roadside. 

However, AAA will tow your Tesla vehicle free of charge to the nearest electric car charging station to remedy the situation.

This might surprise AAA members who once enjoyed the charging trucks (mobile charging stations) provided by AAA for electric vehicles.

Unfortunately, these mobile charging stations were discontinued in 2019 because they were at a loss since only a few members used the service.

The AAA’s charging trucks lasted between 2011 to 2019, and they provided ten to fifteen minutes of battery charge to stranded electric vehicles.

Interestingly, the AAA has hinted towards reinstating the charging trucks in the future as their members with electric vehicles increase yearly.

However, before this service is reinstated, AAA members with Teslas will have to settle for being towed to charging stations to kickstart their cars.

Nonetheless, a Tesla can be jumpstarted by rewiring the cables carefully and in the right order. 

If your Tesla is ever out of charge and you’re stranded and unsure when help will get to you, you can jumpstart it yourself. 

Below are the steps required to jumpstart a Tesla vehicle yourself; 

  • Begin by preparing an external jump starter with a twelve-voltage capacity that matches Tesla’s twelve-voltage batteries.
  • Secondly, manually open the tow eye cover of your Tesla to access the battery. 
  • Thirdly, locate the two cables attached to the tow eye cover and pull them out for better access.
  • Next, connect the cables of your jump-starter to the EV cables by matching the positive red cables together and the negative black cables together. 
  • After this, turn on the jump starter for a few seconds to power the frunk compartment, which allows you to power the battery.
  • Next, please turn off the jump starter and disconnect its cables from the car’s EV cables in the order you connected them.
  • Then, open the frunk compartment and connect the jump-starter’s cables to the car battery by matching the positive red and negative black cables.
  • Next, ensure the cables are securely connected before turning on the jump starter for ten minutes to charge the battery.
  • Lastly, disconnect the cables after the battery has charged for about ten to fifteen minutes, close the hood and drive straight to a charging station.

Do Tesla Owners Still Need AAA?

Tesla owners do not necessarily need AAA memberships because they are entitled to Tesla’s roadside assistance services for four years or 50,000 miles.

An AAA membership is advantageous to a Tesla owner in various ways, but it is optional because Tesla’s roadside assistance is also very helpful. 

However, an AAA membership would benefit a Tesla owner because of the quick response time and additional benefits.

AAA’s response time frame is faster than Tesla’s road assistance, making it more attractive to several people.

Tesla roadside assistance could take hours to respond, while AAA arrives within 21 minutes after being alerted by a member.

Despite this, there are services that Tesla’s roadside assistance offers that AAA doesn’t provide for Tesla owners, such as tire repairs or replacements.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of AAA and Tesla road assistance without experiencing the downsides is to have access to both.


Does AAA Replace Tesla Batteries? 

The American Automobile Association replaces Tesla batteries for persons with a valid membership by providing a licensed service technician on request to test or replace it. 

Is AAA Better than Tesla Roadside Assistance? 

Tesla Roadside Assistance and AAA provide similar assistance to Tesla owners suffering from car troubles; the major difference is that AAA responds faster.

Does AAA Charge a Tesla? 

AAA doesn’t charge Tesla vehicles anymore, they discontinued their charging service in 2019, but they can transport your Tesla to the nearest charging station. 

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