4 Steps To Clean Tesla Seats!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

It is essential to keep the seats of your Tesla clean. When you keep them clean, your car’s interior stays brand new despite the age of your car.

There are several effective ways to keep your Tesla seats clean. Some of these methods may be unique to your Tesla.

To keep your Tesla seat clean, you need a combination of techniques, products, and tools. These components ensure that your Tesla seats remain clean when you apply them correctly.

To clean your Tesla, mix warm water and a cleaning agent in a bucket to clean your leather seats. Spray the mixture on a soft cloth and wipe the affected seat area. Afterward, use the dry part of the cloth to clean the excess liquid that may have remained on the car seat.

This article provides all the details about how to clean your Tesla Seat. You will also find out which materials are best used to clean your Tesla seat. 

4 Steps to Clean Leather Seats

How to Clean Tesla Seats

To clean your tesla leather seats, here are some steps you can follow to get your tesla seats looking brand new.

  • Blow loose dirt away
  • Apply a seat cleaner product and conditioner
  • Wipe the car seat and any other upholstery
  • Wipe away excess product left on the surface
  • Buff your leather surface to give an extra shine

#1. Blow Loose Dirt Away

You need to remove certain substances that soil your car before you begin to clean the seats. These substances form some loose dirt droppings on the surface of your seats.

You can use a portable vacuum cleaner with an upholstery care attachment or blow it away with a piece of clothing.

Some loose dirt may stick to the seat; you may have to pick them up with your hands. Commonly encountered loose dirt include food particles, sand, and food packaging.

Besides a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a soft brush to remove debris from seams and tight spaces. 

Removing loose dirt first is vital because it could leave smears on the seat even after a thorough cleaning.

#2. Apply a Seat Cleaner Product and Conditioner

After removing all the loose dirt, you will need a car seat cleaner. A car seat cleaner is any product capable of cleaning your car’s upholstery.

These substances are composed of chemicals that remove dirt and stains from the surface of your tesla seat. A common type of these products is the all-purpose P&S Xpress interior cleaner

These products are well suited to clean dirt on your car seat while maintaining the leather’s glow.

The product’s fundamental components are water, soap base, and oil. The soap base is made of soft materials so that the color and the texture remain intact after several cleaning.

You can make one if you prefer a homemade seat cleaner. All you need to do is to mix five volumes of water and one volume of dishwasher liquid.

After applying your homemade cleaning agent, you will need a conditioner to give it a sparking look after each clean.

You can choose to apply the seat cleaner directly on the leather, or you can apply a small quantity on a soft cloth. 

#3. Wipe the Car Seat and Any Other Upholstery

After applying the car seat cleaner, you can rub the soft cloth on the surface of the leather. Next, you can wipe the surface in a regular pattern.

In any case, you should ensure that the cleaning product is equally spread over the surface of the leather seat.

The best material to use is a soft cloth that can easily glide on the surface of the leather seat. Hold the cleaning material and spread it evenly over the surface of the leather seat.

#4. Wipe Away Excess Product Left On the Surface

After wiping the surface with the cleaning material, wipe the surface with the dry part of the cloth. The dry part of the cloth does not contain any cleaning material.

When you wipe with the dry part, you will remove any remnant of the cleaning material on the surface of the leather.

You can also wipe this surface with clean water to remove the remnant of the cleaning material.

How to Clean Tesla Synthetic Leather Seats?

Before you clean your Tesla synthetic leather seat, blow away all the debris that is suspended on the surface.

This debris could include sand, food particles, or fragments of food packages. Blowing these substances away will expose these surfaces to adequate penetration from the cleaning material.

Ensure to clean dirt immediately after you notice them. The longer dirt remains on your tesla synthetic leather seats, the more difficult they become to clean.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Tesla synthetic leather seat:

  1. Get a suitable cleaning agent. The cleaning agent helps to remove tough stains; it provides more deep cleaning than ordinary water. 
  2. Get good cleaning material. A soft cleaning cloth is a good material for your tesla leather seat. The Amazon basics microfiber cleaning cloth is a perfect soft cloth.
  3. Apply the cleaning material directly on the surface of the leather or indirectly on the cleaning cloth. 
  4. Wipe the surface of the synthetic leather and spread it evenly across the surface. Then, you can turn over the dry surface of the cloth to wipe it again.
  5. Wiping the surface twice removes the remnant of the cleaning agent. When you fail to wipe with a dry cloth, the cleaning agent leaves a whitish stain when it becomes dry.
  6. Afterward, you can apply a synthetic leather conditioner to improve the shine of your tesla car seat.

Synthetic leather is made of plastic-based materials, and you should handle it carefully.

Using solid detergents and intricate clothing can alter the color and texture of your synthetic leather seat.

If you choose to have a homemade cleaning agent, ensure that you use the proper substances to avoid damaging your synthetic leather seat.

The Tesla synthetic leather differs from genuine leather. Synthetic leather is less durable than natural leather and should be cleaned with mild substances.

Are Alcohol Wipes Good for Cleaning Tesla Seats?

Alcohol wipes are not suitable for cleaning Tesla seats. It is best never to use wipes containing alcohol, spirits, or other alcohol-based cleaning solutions.

Alcohol will cause the leather of your tesla seats to dry out, damaging the seats. In addition, when your tesla car seats become dry, they begin to develop cracks.

The cracked surface will deteriorate further until it tears. Although alcohol wipes are more efficient with removing stains, they are better options for your tesla leather seat.

Other substances to avoid include spirits, nail polish, and other alcohol-containing liquids. 

In addition, the table below explains why you should not use alcohol wipes to clean your tesla seats.

Why People Use Alcohol WipesWhy You Should Not
Quick and efficient stain removalIt dries the leather
Cheap and accessibleErodes the top finish of the leather
Possibility of dilutionIt leaves a Strong smell
Non-abrasive to skinPeels off dyed leather

Can You Clean Tesla Seats with Detergents?

You should never use detergent to clean your tesla leather seat. That is because most detergents contain substances that can alter the texture of your leather seat.

Although some detergents may be mild, others are not. Therefore, it is better to stay away from detergents altogether.

Some detergents may contain dyes, bleach, or potent cleaning agents like alcohol. These substances can damage your leather seats. So avoid them for your tesla seats.

It is best to stick to milder cleaning agents when cleaning tesla seats.

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