This is How To Remove Tesla Headrest!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

For most car owners, one crucial thing they always consider is comfort. Having a car is one thing; being comfortable in the car is another thing.

Comfort is paramount, especially when you own a Tesla. One thing that brings discomfort is the headrest, especially when it is not in the proper position.

Attempting to remove the headrest may be difficult, and if done incorrectly, it may result in undesirable circumstances. Here’s how to remove the headrest in Tesla.

To remove the headrest, Locate the gray clip underneath the edge of one headrest and pull it out slowly. Then, repeat the same step and the other edge of the headrest. Once you do this, pull the headrest, and it will come off quickly.

This article discusses how to adjust and remove a Tesla headrest. It’ll also help you decide whether or not to remove your headrest. Read on for more insight.

How Do You Remove the Headrest on a Tesla?

How to Remove Tesla Headrest

Tesla has different car models, and most vehicles have different specifications. Therefore, removing the headrest may be difficult without prior knowledge of how to do so.

#1. Check the Edge of the Headrest

If you’re using the Tesla Model 3, you would assume that it is impossible to remove the headrest because of how stiff it is.

Choose between the right or left front headrest and go to the edge.

#2. Locate the Clip

Place your fingers at the edge of the headrest and slightly press the leather fabric of the seat down. Once you do this, you’ll notice a small grey clip holding the headrest in place.

#3. Press the Clip

Since the clip is small, you might need help to push the clip. However, you can get a long stick to prise it slightly until it disengages.

Do the same thing for the other edge of the headrest. Once you disengage both sides of the clip, push the headrest slightly, and it will come off.

If you’re using Tesla Model Y, removing the front headrest is impossible, but you can remove the rear headrest. 

Here’s how to do this.

  • On the headrest, locate the edge that has a little hole on the side
  • Get a small flat tool like a screwdriver that can fit into the hole
  • There’s a button in the hole that releases the headrest. Put the flat tool in the hole and press the button
  • After this, you can remove the headrest

Like the Tesla Model Y, not all vehicles can remove the headrest. If you still try to remove it, you can harm the seat parts and invalidate your warranty.

Can You Adjust the Tesla Headrest?

Yes, it is possible to adjust the Tesla headrest. Tesla has one of the most exquisite interiors you’ll ever see. 

The modern dashboard and vegan leather are just as stunning in person as in photographs.

However, the headrests and their adjustments have always been a common complaint for many owners.

Adjusting the headrest in your Tesla can occur in two ways: manually or automatically by using the dashboard’s headrest adjustment feature.

However, only the Tesla Model X comes with the dashboard’s headrest adjustment feature. Other models have to do this manually.

#1. To adjust the headrest in Model X

  • Locate the button on the side of the seat
  • When you press it, the center screen on the dashboard prompts you to select between LUMBAR and HEADREST.
  • Choose HEADREST.
  • You can now adjust the headrest using the buttons on the seat and not the ones on the screen.

#2. The headrest in Model Y

The Tesla Model Y’s headrest is together with the seat, and you cannot remove the headrest.

You can improve your balance while driving by using optional add-ons. For example, installing a headrest pillow is simple and blends with your automobile’s interior.

#3. The Tesla Model 3,

The Model 3’s standard design only permits vertical adjustment, which means you can move it up and down. 

By releasing the headrest clip, you can remove or adjust the Tesla Model 3 headrest.

Most drivers face the issue of not raising or lowering the headrest, but the headrest is a little too forward and can make you uncomfortable.

The Model 3’s headrest design may be bothersome if you suffer from back problems.

Some individuals may discover that adjusting the headrest doesn’t enhance its comfort. You should purchase a headrest pillow if it applies to you.

Should You Remove the Front Seat Headrest in a Tesla?

Removing the front seat headrest in a Tesla or any car is not advisable. You can only remove the headrest if you want to adjust it to make it comfortable.

The design of a car’s headrest allows it to be removable and adjustable solely for your comfort. Therefore, you should only drive the car with a headrest.

Driving your Tesla without the headrest can have adverse effects on your safety.

Many features on our cars help shield us from harm when we are in an accident. The two most well-known security measures are airbags and seatbelts.

However, a safety item most car owners need to consider is the headrest. There are several advantages of not removing your headrest.

Below is a table of the benefits of using a headrest in your Tesla

BenefitsHow it affects you
ComfortTesla manufacturers created the headrest to give excellent cervical and neck support.
Prevent neck injuriesThe headrest is perfectly set to deliver maximum protection.
SafetyHeadrests shield the head from harm as it is flung backward.

It is necessary to avoid removing your headrest and have the headrest in the correct position.

In a rear-end collision, the headrest prevents the head from moving backward. Therefore, the headrest should be at least the top of your head and two inches behind your head.

The headrest will function best in this position and lessen the intensity of injuries in case of a rear-end crash.

Additionally, the headrest’s thickest portion should be roughly level with the driver’s ear. 

The most cushioned portion of the headrest will guard your head in the event of an accident and lessen whiplash injuries and damage.

Can You Fix a Broken Tesla Headrest?

If the headrest in your Tesla is faulty or broken, you would have to replace the entire headrest. There is no repair; you must completely replace the headrest, and the warranty does not cover it.

A broken headrest usually happens when you forcefully try to remove and adjust the headrest. Once this occurs, you cannot reverse it.

Unfortunately, Tesla’s warranty doesn’t cover it because you could have easily avoided the problem, and there is no way to correct it short of replacing the entire headrest.

Another reason why you would need to change the headrest entirely is when the leather melts.

The oil in your hair and possibly the hair treatments you use can cause Tesla’s vegan leather to expand.

Your head oils react with the chemicals in the upholstery when they come into touch with the leather headrest. 

Then, when temperatures are high, it can melt. It starts melting when you park in the hot sun.

For whatever reason that you may need to replace your headrest, it is best to contact a professional to avoid further damage to the car seat.

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