An Ultimate Guide To Stop Tesla Charging!

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

Owning a Tesla means acquainting oneself with its charging pattern as an electric car. 

Generally, Tesla recommends plugging your vehicle when it’s not in use to prolong the battery’s longevity. 

However, what happens when you need to stop the Tesla from charging ahead of time because of an emergency? 

Do you have to wait until it finishes charging? If not, how can one stop a Tesla charging?

You can do this by disconnecting the charging cable/pressing the Stop Charging option on your dashboard. And to disconnect the charger, you’ll need your keyfob/card or a Tesla-assigned critical phone. But if you decide to stop its charging using internal controls, the touchscreen & voice command works perfectly, and a simple “Stop charging” ends it.

In this article, you’ll learn how to stop a Tesla from charging without waiting for a complete cycle, how to use the Tesla app, and even tips on maintaining battery life.

How Do You Stop Tesla From Charging at Desired Percentage?

How to Stop Tesla Charging

You can set your Tesla to stop charging a certain percentage if you wish to reach less than 100%. 

To do this, open the charging section on your dashboard’s touchscreen, select the “set limit” option, or open the charging screen in your mobile app. 

Additionally, you can adjust it by clicking on the lightning icon below the image of your car and tapping on the screen’s left side. 

Whichever you choose is fine. Afterward, set the limit to a percentage good with you. Many prefer following this charging pattern instead of leaving the Tesla to charge to 100%. 

Although it’s common practice to let mobile devices and phones charge till full, it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. 

Even Tesla owner Elon Musk and experts recommend charging to a 95% maximum limit to avoid reducing the battery’s lifespan. 

Moreover, some car batteries are more vulnerable to overcharging, and lithium-ion batteries used in Teslas aren’t exempt. 

They’re sensitive to heat & overcharging abuse and can cause substantial problems. Hence, as a Tesla owner, learn how to prolong battery lifespan and what to avoid during charging.

Further, most Tesla users associate the battery’s percentage during charging with how long it lasts. Charging an electric car to 100% doesn’t guarantee it will last longer. 

Your battery range varies with your Tesla, battery type, and driving manner. 

You can learn how to improve range, which will help your car last longer on a single charge. Most Tesla batteries run 300 miles before a boost, with the lowest model at 260 miles. 

In summary, your Tesla model influences its battery range

The table below shows different Tesla models, their ranges by car model, and their ultimate speed limit.

Tesla ModelsRangeHighest Speed
Model S Plaid396 miles200 MPH
Model 3335 miles140 MPH
Model X Plaid335 miles163 MPH
Model Y Long Range405 miles135 MPH
Model 3 Long Range351 miles145 MPH
Model Y Performance303 miles155 MPH
Model 3 Performance315 miles162 MPH
Model S405 miles155 MPH
Model X351 miles155 MPH

Does Tesla Stop Charge Automatically?

Yes, Tesla cars stop charging automatically after charging till full or when it reaches a set limit. 

That means if you put your Tesla to stop charging at 90%, once it reaches that limit, it halts likewise when calibrated at 100%. So although it remains plugged in, it stops charging. 

And if this method is too long, you can stop charging it yourself. Using Tesla’s voice command system is less challenging. 

Teslas are modern electric cars that recognize natural speech and spoken commands, so you can command it to stop charging or even close the charge port from inside the vehicle.

Giving a voice command is simple. Just click the right scroll wheel button on the steering, and you’ll hear a sound signaling the car is ready to take voice instructions. 

That is your cue to speak, and after doing that, the Tesla responds. You can also disconnect it manually, depending on if it’s a public charging station or a personal one.

Can You Stop Tesla Charging From the App?

The Tesla app enables you to stop your car from charging when you feel like it. You can also set your car charge limit on your mobile phone, which ceases when it gets to that set percentage. 

Recently, this app came with a new addition that shows charging statistics. It allows you to monitor your charging progress from your app and how much you’ve spent on it.

How to Use the Tesla App?

Downloading the app doesn’t mean it connects to the car directly. 

So here’s a breakdown of how to link it.

  1. Install the Tesla mobile app on your mobile device. It’s available for Android and IOS users.
  2. Open the app and log in. Your Tesla details and account credentials should be on standby, as you’ll need them. 
  3. Allow mobile access to your Tesla. Click on Controls, select safety, and you’ll find Allow Mobile Access.

Switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile device and confirm that it’s also on within your device’s global setting on the Tesla app. 

For instance, go to your phone, move to Settings, select the Tesla app, and confirm the Bluetooth setting is working.

Note: Ensure your mobile phone and Tesla have a stable internet connection to enable Tesla to communicate and accept instructions from the mobile app. 

Tesla advises always having a function key on standby if parking in a location with poor cellular service or an absent internet connection.

Although the Tesla app serves many purposes and can help stop charging, some users have complained. 

They said it often remains unabated even after clicking on the stop charging section in the mobile app. 

So you can use the other alternative of releasing the charging cable from the charge port. But to be sure, confirm it worked after stopping the Tesla from charging on your mobile app. 

You can terminate the Tesla from charging from the dashboard’s touchscreen or a simple voice command if it doesn’t.


Is it OK to charge Tesla multiple times a day?

Repeatedly charging a Tesla isn’t recommended. It reduces your lithium-ion battery capacity. Hence it’s best to charge daily till 90% or 100% for long drives.

How do you turn off a Tesla charger?

Pull the connector out of the Tesla to disconnect the charging cable mid-charge or after charging. You may need to press a button before gaining access to the charging cable.

How long can a Tesla be unplugged?

You can leave your Tesla unplugged for 60-70 days, but this will only work if your Tesla is asleep. Doing this helps you preserve the battery when not in use.

How do you put a Tesla in sleep mode?

You can put your Tesla to sleep from the True Energy App. Open it, click on cars, choose your Tesla, move to advanced settings, and initiate sleep mode. 

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