4 Ways To Protect Tesla White Seats!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

Having white seats in your Tesla is aesthetically pleasing and makes the cabin come alive. These seats will, however, require efforts to retain their color and texture.

Otherwise, they’ll develop stains and look unappealing. Fortunately, there are various ways you can protect your white Tesla seats from stains and damage.

Using seat covers and protective layering can shield Tesla’s white seats from dirt and stains. Seat covers keep stains off the seat, and you can wash them whenever they’re dirty. Protective layers also retain the seat’s original form for a long time.

Reading on, you’ll learn how to protect your seats from blemishes and damage. Additionally, you’ll understand the various ways to get rid of dirt from your seats.

4 Ways to Protect Your White Tesla Seats

How to Protect Tesla White Seats

Tesla white seats need proper maintenance to preserve their color. Two ways you can do this is by using seat covers and protective layering.

#1. Seat Covers

Vehicle seat covers fend off stains, dust, spills, and other rubbish from soiling your car seats. They protect your seats and keep them in good condition, reducing depreciation. 

Seat covers are simple to wash; you can also clean them using a wet cloth. With these covers, you don’t have to worry about your children or pet messing up your seats. 

There are two types of seat covers, and they include;

#1. Universal Seat Covers

There are seat covers that have a universal fit, meaning they can fit your Tesla. Weather Tech Seat protectors offer this kind of seat cover. 

The cover’s material is a comfy, stain-repelling, and water-resisting polycotton. It drapes over the front, back, and bucket car seats. 

The material has a nylon lining that offers extra shielding and anti-slip backing that secures the cover. As a result, you can easily pull off these covers to clean or wash them.

#2. Custom Seat Covers

Tesla has seat covers you can customize on your Tesla models. The covers are products of quality Napa substance, making them breathable and durable.

They are available in different colors, leaving you with many options you can pick from. 

Furthermore, these covers match the seat size and structure and offer coverage of 360°. With this coverage, you get complete protection from liquid, dirt, hard items, and others.

The design also accommodates the airbag and will not stop it from deploying.

#2. Protective Layering

Adding a protective layer over your seats is another way of shielding your white seats from getting dirty. Ceramic coating is a good option for seat layering.

Your seats will be free from spills, dust, and other stains. The coating creates a shield between your seat and the outside elements. 

In addition, the coating also protects against UV rays from the sun, which prevents the seat from fading. It keeps your seat looking as new as the day you bought the car. 

Some high-grade ceramic coating even prevents heat damage arising from sun exposure. 

This coating has anti-stick abilities, meaning liquids, dirt, and other substances won’t easily stain the seats. Also, any substance that falls on the seats will come off quickly when cleaned.

The ceramic coating stays on for a while before needing reapplication.

Do Tesla White Seats Stain Easily?

The white seats in Tesla can stain easily and need proper maintenance to maintain their color. Unfortunately, having white seats requires a lot of effort to keep them that way.

Since white is a bright color, any other color it comes in contact with tends to leave a mark. 

If you wear denim shorts and sit on the white seats, you might see streaks of blue once you get up. Using these seats could be very difficult because they would stain at any moment.

Sweaty palms and dirty clothes can also leave dirt on these seats. If you have children playing around in the car, you will wipe off dirt whenever they come out.

Having pets in the car is also dangerous unless you’re prepared to wipe the seats immediately after you drop them. 

With the high possibility of stains, it’s paramount for you to protect your car seats. You can do this by either getting seat covers or applying protective layering.

There are also tips to help you maintain your white seats;

  • Wipe the seats with a microfiber towel after each drive.
  • Try to keep food and drinks out of the cabin.
  • Look out for marks or dust particles and wipe them off quickly.
  • Avoid wearing intense colors when going for long rides.

How Do You Get Stains Out of Tesla White Seats?

It would be best to clean stains on your Tesla seats when you see them. This way, you reduce the chances of the stain becoming permanent.

If the stains prove stubborn, there are various items you can use to get rid of stains on your Tesla seats.

The following are some ways you can remove stains from white Tesla seats.

#1. Soap

You can use non-detergent soap to remove stains from the seats. The soap can be the one you use for bathing or washing. 

The steps below will guide you on cleaning stains using soap.

  • Pour liquid soap inside a spray can and add some water.
  • Shower the stains with the mixture and wait for some time.
  • Grab a microfiber towel and scrub off the stains in circular movements.
  • When the stain comes off, wipe the soap suds with another cloth.
  • If the seat holds extra water, use a dry cloth to mop the water.
  • Let the seats dry and observe for leftover stains.

#2. Wipes

Infant wipes help clean stains on your white seat. They mainly work well on jeans stains. 

However, it would be best if you didn’t get other wipes besides infant wipes.

Regular wipes have a rougher texture and are not suitable for cleaning the seats. They also contain harsh chemicals that don’t mix well with the seat’s material (synthetic leather.)

The chemicals will react with the synthetic layer and damage the seat’s surface. Therefore, you should only use infant wipes.

#3. Dirt Erasers or Magic Sponge

These erasers clean around the household, but you can equally use them for stain removal on your seats. Their corrosive nature gives them dominance over tough stains.

When using dirt erasers, gently scrub since they can create friction. Too much friction will damage the seat.

The erasers are melamine foam products that are abrasive and hard on stains. The foam can ease up stains from surfaces and suck in the stains.

The sponge works better when wet. Therefore, ensure you wet the sponge when removing tough stains to make the job easier.

#4. Distilled Water

Distilled water is another good choice for cleaning your white car seats. This water has fewer impurities than regular water and reacts with air to form a suitable cleaning agent.

You can dip a microfiber towel inside distilled water and scrub off the stains from your seat.

Are Tesla White Seats Durable?

Tesla white seats are vegan leather products. Vegan leather is lighter than authentic leather and hence has reduced durability. These seats will need proper caring to last long.

There have been reports of Tesla seats forming bubbles. The bubbling occurs when the leather top peels off the fabric beneath. 

Vegan leather is not breathable, which causes it to degrade faster than authentic leather. 

The table below highlights the differences between vegan leather and authentic leather.

Vegan LeatherAuthentic Leather
Prone to cracking.Soft and comfortable.
Has less breathability.Breathes better.
It gets sticky and hot at high temperatures.It gets cool in hot temperatures and warms in cold temperatures.

The low quality of vegan leather arises from the artificial ingredients used during manufacture. That’s why the seats can decline rapidly when not cared for.

The following are some of the ways Tesla seats lose their durability.

#1. Sun Exposure

The sun can significantly degrade Tesla seats. Various essential oils mix to produce vegan leather. These ingredients are what make the seats soft.

Unfortunately, the oils in the leather can dry out when exposed to the sun. This drying causes bubbling in the seats and eventually makes the leather crack.

#2. Pressure

Tesla seats that are in frequent use can develop damage. Under repeated use, vegan leather will stretch out and get loose.

Once loose, the layer can easily peel off the fabric beneath, and bubbles will form. The seat’s structure starts weakening over time, reducing its durability.

#3. Improper Cleaning

Tesla seats need proper cleaning with suitable materials to preserve their seats. Some harsh detergents will only cause harm to the seats. 

Such detergents can react with the leather and cause cracks. Therefore, you should be mindful of the materials you use in cleaning your white seats.

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