This is Why Your Tesla Phone Key is Disconnected!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

Tesla produces one of the most outstanding and expensive cars with many enhanced features. One of these features includes using your phone as a phone key. 

It makes it more convenient to access your vehicle. However, your tesla app might tell you that your phone key disconnects. What causes it, and how can you fix the error?

Tesla phone key disconnection is a common issue that Tesla users have experienced lately. When your phone key is disconnected, your tesla app will notify you. Tesla app is the software you install on a mobile device to operate the parts of the Tesla vehicle.

Why Did My Phone Key Disconnect From Tesla?

Tesla Phone Key Disconnected

Your phone key disconnection error can be a result of different factors. 

One of the major causes of this error is an interruption between the Bluetooth connection of your mobile device and vehicle.  

The interruption occurs when you are in the neighborhood with lots of interference, such as power lines or cell power.

Another reason for your Bluetooth interruption is having too many devices connected to the automobile system, and one of those connected gadgets is interfering with the other devices. 

Using a phone key with your Tesla makes it easier to access the vehicle. When you reach your car, it detects your phone’s Bluetooth, making it easier to unlock the doors with the door handle. 

Also, your vehicle doors lock when you are far away from your car with the phone keys.

However, to use the phone key to access your Tesla, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1

Download the Tesla mobile app on your device. This app is free and downloadable for both apple and android users.

Step 2

Log in with your tesla account credentials, such as the username and password in the mobile app. It’s best to remain logged in to continue using your phone to access your vehicle.

Also, if you have numerous vehicles connected to your Tesla account, selecting the car you like the mobile app to permit is best.

Step 3

Ensure you enable the general Bluetooth settings on your phone. Make sure you switch on your Bluetooth within your device settings.

Also, ensure you turn on the access to your location. To do this, go to your phone and open the Tesla app. Then select Location and click on the Alway icon. 

You can enable Allow mobile access on the vehicle touchscreen by pressing the Controls button. Click on the Safety button it will take you to Allow mobile access. Then click on the icon.

Always keep your phone charged or take a power bank because your phone must run Bluetooth. Most phones will cut off Bluetooth when the battery is low. 

Step 4 

Set up your phone key To do this:

  1. Open the Tesla app, and click on the Setup phone key on the screen.
  2. If you didn’t see the set phone key on the screen, go to Security and set up the phone key.
  3. Follow all the procedures on the app and vehicle’s touchscreen.

If you want to pair another phone and have connected more than three phone keys, it’s best to take the phone keys out of the connection range or switch off Bluetooth.

Once your phone is authenticated, it does not require any internet connection for you to use it as a phone key.

However, to access the phone hands-free, your contacts, and play music from the mobile phone, you need to connect it as a Bluetooth device.

Advantages of Phone KeyDisadvantages of Phone Key
It works mostly all the time.Your phone must always be with you.
It has multiple driver support.You cannot open your car door once you close the Tesla app.
The phone key operates when the phone or car does not have cellphone coverage.Your car will not unlock once your phone battery dies or gets lost.

How Do I Reconnect My Phone Key to My Tesla?

To reconnect your phone key to your Tesla, you need to check if the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device is on. If not, turn it on. 

Also, your car must be within range during connection and correctly paired to your phone. Ensure your phone is not in airplane mode. 

After doing all that and your phone key is still not working, try completing the procedures below:

  • Reboot the Tesla
  • Delete the Tesla mobile app and reinstall the app.
  • On your car touchscreen, press the Car icon on the lower left.
  • Then select Lock
  • Choose the + control beside the key text.
  • Click Add phone key to put in your phone as a key.
  • Open the Tesla app and log in with your username and password.
  • Set your phone as a key. Once your mobile phone has successfully paired with your Tesla, a message will pop up showing the success.
  • Then on your Tesla touchscreen, press Done.

If you get a new phone (either iPhone or Android), you must disconnect the old phone before connecting the new one with your Tesla.

Why Does My Phone Key Keep Disconnecting?

Your phone key will continue to disconnect if your Bluetooth is off. Additionally, your phone key will not work if you have added the same phone key more than once.

Also, if your Tesla app is not the latest version, your phone key may fail to connect. Tesla supports other types of keys aside from the phone key.

Some of the keys that work with Tesla are:

#1. Key Card

Tesla designs the key card to fit your wallet and make it easier to carry anywhere. 

You can use a key card to lock or unlock your Tesla by placing the card against the autopilot camera beside the driver’s side door. 

Once the car discovers the card, there is an external light flash, the mirror folds or unfolds, the horn whistles, and the door locks or unlocks.

You may have to place the cards at the middle console or driver’s side door when using the key card.

You must keep the card against the transmitter for one to two seconds. In addition, your key card must always be with you in case your authenticated phone battery dies or gets lost.

#2. Key Fob

The key fob has three controls that look like a softer area on the surface.

  1. Front Truck: To unlock the front truck, double-click on this button.
  2. Lock or Unlock: To lock the car door and trunk, click on the lock once and double-click to open them.
  3. Rear Trunks: To open the rear trunk, press the button twice. Hold these controls to unlock the charge port for one to two seconds.

It’s advisable to always take your key fob with you when leaving your car. Also, you must be within the connection range to be able to operate your vehicle.

Does the Tesla App Need to Be Open for the Phone Key to Stay Connected?

The Tesla app needs to be opened in the background all the time. Doing so will enable you to walk to your vehicle and open the door without touching your phone. 

You can use the Tesla app to charge and stop charging. You can also use it to unlock and lock your doors and even honk at other vehicles. 

If you have trouble accessing your app, try to delete the app and reinstall the latest version on your phone.

However, if you cannot access your app after reinstalling it, it’s best to contact Tesla customer service.


Tesla phone key disconnection is one of the common problems Tesla users experience, so you don’t need to worry when facing this issue. 

This article explains the reasons for the disconnection and how to solve the problem. Follow the highlighted procedures and get your Tesla phone key to your vehicle.

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