6 Keys Points To Turn Off Rainbow Road Tesla!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:17 pm

There’s no doubt that the Tesla Rainbow Road creates good humor and lessens tension when several people are in your car. 

However, when the accompanying song by Christopher Walken plays on for too long, it becomes boring. That results in you seeking out ways to turn off Rainbow Road.

The programming of Tesla is such that it gives you difficulty when you try turning off the Rainbow Road. However, a simple trick, such as playing the fart sound, can turn off the Tesla Rainbow Road. That initiative is put in place by Tesla to lure you into updating your software when you seek changes in certain features.

This article will teach you how to deactivate the Tesla Rainbow road feature.

Also, not just that you’ll know how to turn off the Tesla Easter egg Cowbell, but you’ll also learn to activate it freely.

6 Keys To Turn Off Rainbow Road In Tesla

How To Turn Off Rainbow Road Tesla?

There aren’t standard ways to stop Rainbow Road from playing in your Tesla software.

That’s because the only modality that Tesla has put in place is that you’ll have to update your software when you want some features off.

Tesla is strict with its manual guide on turning off some animation features to encourage regular updates.

You’ll agree with me that without needing it, you won’t update your software for better features.

And since Tesla is constantly making efforts for newer versions, it’d require that you keep up by regularly updating your software.

Although there aren’t ways to turn off the Tesla Rainbow Road, different tricks have come to light on how to turn off the feature.

#1. Playing the Fart Sound

Playing the Tesla fart sound is one simple trick you wouldn’t know can turn off Rainbow Road.

The mechanism behind that is to use the effect of one hilarious Tesla feature to mask another, which in our case is the Rainbow Road. 

Here are simple steps to turn on the fart sound on your Tesla;

  • Ensure that your “Infotainment Screen” is on.
  • Search and select the “Entertainment” section.
  • You’ll find the “Emissions Testing Mode”; select it to open.
  • You’ll find two options; “fart on turn on signal” or “fart on command.”
  • Select either one of the above instructions.
  • Now, select the fart sound.

After turning on the fart sound, the Rainbow Road will go off almost immediately.

However, you must ensure to do it right by going through all the steps else it won’t work.

#2. Disengage Autosteer

Disengaging the autosteer is another way to turn off your Tesla’s Rainbow Road feature. 

To disengage the autosteer, please follow these steps:

  • Locate the steering wheel icon next to the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC)
  • That’d give you a clue that Autosteer is available. 
  • Next is to push up the stalk once.
  • You can also lightly touch the brake pad to disengage the Autosteer.

#3. Reverse Manner

You can also turn off Rainbow Road by reversing how you made it come on in the first place.

I’ll use this table to illustrate your steps to turn on Rainbow Road against turning it off inversely.

Turning On the Rainbow RoadTurning Off the Rainbow Road
Ensure that your car is in driving mode.While the Rainbow Road is on playing.
Turn on the infotainment console.Tap the infotainment screen and locate the autopilot stalk.
Locate the autopilot stalk.Tap on the Autopilot four times as quickly as you in rapid succession.
Tap the autopilot stalk four times in rapid succession.Ensure you do all that while driving to make it work.

#4. Initiating a Command

You can use your steering wheel to turn off the Rainbow Road in your Tesla software.

Follow these steps to turn off Rainbow Road with your steering wheel.

  • Ensure that the buttons on either side of the steering wheel are in place.
  • Press the steering wheel button to initiate a command on the right side.
  • Say these words; “Palo Alto.”
  • The Rainbow Road will turn off after that.

#5. Allow It to Go Through Its Routine

If you try the above tricks and the Rainbow Road plays on, the most logical thing to do at this point is to let it play on.

When the Rainbow Road finally completes its routine, it will turn off itself.

#6. Software Update

The last resort to turning off the Tesla Easter eggs Rainbow Road is to try updating your software version to a higher one. 

That’s why Tesla didn’t put a guide on how to turn off the Rainbow light in the first place. 

Hence, updating the software will give you better software and a way to turn off the Easter eggs Rainbow Road.

Can Rainbow Road Turn Off Automatically?

The Tesla Rainbow Road doesn’t turn itself off automatically completely. 

When the Rainbow Road plays on, Christopher Walken sings his line from the skit, stating that “he has a fever and needs more Cowbell.”

After a little while, say, a minute or two, the song stops; however, the rainbow light goes on indefinitely.

So if your major concern is the sound of the music and whether it stops automatically, then my answer to you is yes, it does.

However, that wouldn’t be the case if you’re also concerned about the Rainbow Road light going off alongside Christopher Walken’s song.

To stop the song and the Rainbow Road from displaying, you’ll need to perform any of these tricks;

  • Play the fart sound.
  • Go in the reverse manner you used in turning on Rainbow Road.
  • Disengage the autosteer.
  • Initiate a command.
  • Allow it to go through its routine completely.
  • Do a software update.

How To Use Tesla on Rainbow Road

Tesla has a unique innovation in its infotainment console that makes you drive through while you see your car on Rainbow Road.

Getting this feature to turn on isn’t difficult as long as you can navigate yourself through some features on the infotainment screen.

This section will show how to activate the Tesla Easter egg Rainbow Road.

However, you must make sure to turn it on only when you’re driving. That’s because an attempt to turn on Rainbow Road while not driving will prove futile. 

Here are the steps to turn on the Tesla Easter Egg Cowbell feature.

  • Engage the Tesla autopilot; search for the Control your infotainment screen, then go to the Autopilot and tap to navigate. 
  • Tap the joystick multiple times in a row. Ensure you do that rapidly without delay to activate the Rainbow Road.


#1. What Does the Tesla Rainbow Road Mean?

The Tesla Autopilot Rainbow Road is one of the Jokey features of the vehicle.

Primarily, it tends to change the display of the road you’re driving on into a rainbow stripe.

#2. Do All Teslas Have Easter Eggs?

Yes, all Elon Musk has confirmed to the public that all models of Tesla come with Easter Eggs. Also, many more Easter egg features will be coming up as additions.


Tesla didn’t specify a direct way to turn off its Rainbow Road to lure you into seeking an upgrade.

Nevertheless, there are different ways that you can use to put off the Cowbell song on your Tesla; one way, amongst others, is to play the fart sound.

However, try an upgrade if all the ways don’t turn off Rainbow Road.

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