Tesla GPS Reset: Everything You Should Know

Experiencing one or two technical issues here and there with electric vehicles isn’t a new show. Even with the finest technology, you can still experience some glitches. 

These glitches range from a generic recurring error code notification that doesn’t clear off to a GPS navigation malfunction. 

Such malfunction is common to every electric vehicle, even the finest of Tesla models. However, the focus of this article will be on Tesla’s GPS malfunction and its reset process.

You can carry out a soft or hard reset to reset your Tesla’s GPS. While the soft reset involves rebooting the vehicle’s touchscreen, the hard reset involves rebooting and refreshing the entire vehicle. The Tesla does not have a dedicated reset button for its GPS. So, you would have to undertake these processes. 

Tesla’s GPS malfunction is quite a rare case to experience; however, it doesn’t exempt the fact that it does happen. 

Therefore, a Tesla owner must know how to reset Tesla’s GPS rather than wait for the service center. This guide covers Tesla GPS reset options and how to reset them. Hang tight! 

How To Reset My Tesla GPS?

Tesla GPS Reset

In every sense, whenever there’s some software glitch, the first attempt that a tech guru will prescribe is the reset or reboot solution. 

Have you tried rebooting the system? As it always seems to be the ultimate solution, it works almost like magic in most cases! 

Therefore, whenever there’s some software glitch, the first attempt to resolve the issue is to reset the system. 

The same applies to issues like Tesla GPS connectivity malfunction and recurring generic error messages. Resetting Tesla’s GPS is straightforward and requires only a few minutes.

Three reset processes are available for Tesla vehicles depending on the call for reset; these include:

One fantastic thing you should know is that all the three-reset process above applies to software problems, including GPS navigation reset. 

However, I’ll cover only the soft and the hard Tesla reset process, which should sort out the GPS malfunction problem.

#1. Tesla Soft Reset 

The Tesla soft reset process is well known as the two-finger reboot process. Resetting Tesla GPS primarily falls within problems that a Tesla Soft reset/reboot process will solve. 

Tesla soft reset/reboot restarts everything on the vehicle dashboard cabin, which includes the touchscreen and steering wheels. 

However, the process maintains the overall power of the vehicle electronics without discharging and recharging the electronics onboard.

Below is a step-by-step guide to resetting/rebooting a Tesla GPS.

  • Always park the vehicle before proceeding to reset the GPS. However, the Tesla soft reset will work excellently even while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Simultaneously press both scroll wheels on the vehicle’s steering wheels for about 5-10 seconds. 
  • The vehicle’s touchscreen will go off, and the reboot will automatically commence. 
  • Allow the screen to reboot as it turns on with the Tesla logo.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds before you can operate the system.

#2. Tesla Hard Reset

Tesla’s hard reset is also effective in resolving Tesla’s GPS navigation problems.

However, this time, the process shuts down the entire vehicle system and discharges every piece of electronics. 

The Tesla hard reset sometimes involves unplugging the batteries of the vehicle. 

The steps below will help perform a hard reset GPS navigation reset on Tesla vehicles.

  • On the touchscreen of the vehicle, click on “controls.”
  • Down under controls, click on “e-brakes & power off.”
  • Click yes, and the hard reset process will commence. 
  • The entire vehicle system will go off and reboot itself. Allow the system to refresh itself before you use it.

However, if both reset processes don’t resolve the GPS navigation problem, you must call the Tesla service center. 

Tesla can help reset your GPS navigation unit, which would take at least 15 minutes to take effect.

The table below shows the difference between the Tesla Soft and Tesla hard reset processes.

Tesla Soft ResetTesla Hard Reset
Tesla soft reset is possible even while the vehicle is in motion.Tesla hard reset requires the vehicle to be in the park.
Soft reset only affects the touchscreen of the vehicle.Hard reset discharges power from the entire vehicle, including its electronics.
Auto-pilot will still function during a soft reset.Every system features/functions automatically becomes disabled.

What Does The Tesla GPS Reset Do?

Tesla GPS navigation resetting is a solution to fixing likely GPS navigation glitches.

The Tesla GPS reset can fix navigation issues such as a stuck navigation pointer, erratic error code message, and GPS map connectivity. 

Whenever your Tesla car appears in the wrong location on the map, it is the case of a GPS map software bug. 

Sometimes, the issue may result from a recent GPS navigation system update. Other times, the glitch may result from a software bug. 

So, you’ll need to reconfigure/reset the GPS navigation for proper functioning. Resetting the GPS comes in handy as it helps in fixing such issues.

So, Tesla GPS reset serves repair purposes. Also, a Tesla GPS reset does the work of recalibrating the GPS navigation system of the vehicle. 

In this sense, the recalibration of a Tesla GPS navigation system has to do with refreshing the GPS navigation system of the vehicle. 

Your Tesla GPS navigation system can stop reading data, especially when the vehicle changes location to a new location. 

Resetting the GPS navigation system serves the purpose of recalibrating the navigation system to refresh itself.

In addition, a reset automatically adjusts the receivers of GPS software. Sometimes, it takes a relatively long time for your vehicle’s GPS to update navigation. 

Such a case calls for a GPS reset which should reasonably adjust the response speed of the GPS as you drive.

Finally, another use of Tesla GPS reset is to clear off all navigation history from the GPS history. 

With a GPS reset, you can delete the entire navigation history of the vehicle all at a time. It is more like restoring the GPS customized settings to the default factory settings.

How Do I Update My Tesla GPS?

From time to time, Tesla tops their game by providing a new upgrade to the version of their vehicle software. 

This way, you can have a pleasurable experience and enjoy the numerous features of updated software versions. 

And as system software, the Tesla GPS navigation system can install updates when available. 

The same applies to the Tesla GPS software system as you update your smartphone apps.

In general, the Tesla system update is possible through two different platforms. When connected to a network, you can download available updates with your vehicle’s smart screen. 

Or you can download the Tesla app on your smart device, configure it and download any available updates. 

However, from experience, using your vehicle smart screen is the surest and most reliable way to deliver the software update. 

Updating the Tesla GPS navigation using the vehicle smart screen is as simple as it sounds. It only will take a few minutes of your time. 

Guide on updating the Tesla GPS navigation system using your vehicle smart screen.

  • The first step is to connect your vehicle to a WI-FI network.
  • Open the software tab display on your vehicle touchscreen. 
  • If there’s a new update to the software, you’ll receive a pop-up notification at the center of the touchscreen.
  • On the pop-up notification is an option to download the notification immediately or later. The update will automatically affect the vehicle’s GPS navigation system if it contains features relating to it.

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