This is How To Fix Tesla Door Handle!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:16 pm

If you’ve had a Tesla for some time, you might have come across a faulty door by now. Your Tesla door handle may not extend fine or unlock even if it manages to extend.

Also, the door handle may fail to retract after you pull it and stay stuck out. Fixing your Tesla door handle requires expertise.

Hence, it would be best to take your Tesla to the nearest service center. Notwithstanding, you can still fix your Tesla door if it fails to present itself.

First, stick one end of a plane plastic card into the bottom of the slot, and lift it. The door handle will come out a little. Next, stick one end of another plane plastic card into the top, and pull the handle out using both cards.

Fixing a Tesla door handle requires expertise because it can negatively affect you if you don’t do it properly. This article, though, will teach you how to fix a bad Tesla door handle quickly. 

How do I Fix a Tesla Door Handle?

How To Fix Tesla Door Handle

Fixing a Tesla door handle depends on the nature of the problem with the door handle. So, it would be best if you figured out the exact problem with your Tesla door handle. 

Over time Tesla has suffered from damages such as internal wire breakage, broken gear ring, and misalignment in handles. 

Unfortunately, these damages result in many recurring issues that owners complain about on the Tesla door handle.

Some of these common issues with the Tesla door handles include:

  • The door handle is not presenting
  • The door is not opening
  • The door handle is not retracting

#1. The Door Handle Is Not Presenting

It is frustrating when a Tesla door handle refuses to present itself even when pressed as supposed.

However, the door handle is faulty if you can hear a faint mechanical noise when you stick your ear to it. This happens when the gear or cog fails or wears out. 

That said, fixing a Tesla door handle depends on how it fails to present. For example, it can twist, jam, or fall inside the handle mechanism.

Either way, you can correct this by replacing the gear. Fortunately, the newer Tesla door handles gear lasts longer than the old ones. 

But this doesn’t stop your modern Tesla from breaking down if you use it for some time. So before taking it to a Tesla service center for a proper fix, you’ll require a quick fix.

The temporary fix will enable you to get the door open.

For the quick fix, you need two credit cards and sports tape. However, any plain-positive card that looks like a credit card can replace credit cards. 

Please do not put a metallic object into your car door handle because it’ll scrub off the paint. That said, plastic is the best material for the process.

First, stick one end of the plastic card into the bottom of the slot, and lift it a little. The door handle will come out a little.

Next, stick one end of the other credit card into the top, and pull the handle out using both cards. You can see that the door will open.

You can also loop in some cloth through the handle to pull it open. Repeat the entire process of opening the door if need be.

#2. The Door Is Not Unlocking

Opening and closing Tesla doors require electro-mechanism. For example, when trying to unlock the door, pulling the door handle does not mechanically release the door.

However, it only closes a micro-switch, which triggers an electronic element to release the door. 

So when something happens to the micro switch, or the wiring pulls out, the door fails to unlock. The wires attaching the main switch are the main cause of the situation.

In most affected Tesla models, the wire direction overlaps the micro switch, which leads to breakdowns over time.

A good way to tackle this challenge is to buy a door handle microswitch wiring loom for replacement. Replacing the wiring sets you on the right path.

There are many micro-switch harnesses; Tesla revises them so often. So be sure the door handle micro switch matches your Tesla’s door handle mechanism. 

Most Tesla door handles have varying mechanisms. The door handle micro switch wiring harness must be compatible with your Tesla model for the mechanism to function. 

Attempting to repair the loom by yourself might be risking damage. That said, contacting an expert or resorting to the Tesla Manual for guidance will be better.

Fortunately, Tesla has revised the door handle, so this will no longer be as common.

#3. The Door Handle is Not Retracting

A situation where the door handle fails to retract is another recurring problem with Tesla door handles. The failure of the door to retract after use irritates most Tesla owners.

The motorized door uses the spring in the mechanism to retract the handle. The door is motorized to extend the handle and not make it stick outside.

The door handle stays extended when something restricts the handle, especially when the object’s force supersedes the spring’s power.

The restriction may come from any material; it can be the wiring loom. If it stays in the way of the handle, the handle will remain extended.

Aside from the handle catching on an external object, any other restriction can be due to poor installation.

For example, if the door handle is not installed properly, the handle will continue to meet with the part of the actual door.

Therefore, it is simple to fix the problem of a door not retracting. A simple adjustment of the installation should put you on the right path.

Adjust the installation, putting all the wires in check. You will only have to replace the cog if it has been broken.

The table below compares the efficiency of fixing your Tesla door at a service center rather than on your own.

Tesla Service Center FixSelf Fix
There’s sufficient equipment Inadequate equipment
There are minimal chances of damage Prone to gross damage
Offers dependable fix upTemporal fix up

Why Is My Tesla Door Handle Not Latching? 

Many other factors can contribute to your Tesla door not latching; door handles contribute in only a few cases. If your Tesla door handles won’t latch, it has misaligned doors.

But you can still close the door at this point, even though there might be a visible gap. But remember, someone can break into your car.

Also, if your Tesla has a frozen door handle, it won’t latch. You’ll need a WD-40 and a clean towel for cleaning and rinsing to operate this.

How Much Is It To Replace A Door Handle On A Tesla? 

Replacing the door handle on a Tesla will cost up to $900. That is if the door handle is not covered under warranty. 

If you own a new Tesla, the warranty covers the door handle of your Tesla. The cost of fixing the door handle would be less if not free.

You could drive your vehicle to the nearest Tesla service center and get it done. So why bother yourself with the complexity of fixing your Tesla door handle on your own? 

Nevertheless, you will have to give out some dollars if you have an older vehicle model. Then, you either drive the vehicle to a professional service center or attempt to fix it.

You’ll face an uphill task trying to fix a Tesla door handle because fixing the handle door takes a detailed specialized manual to troubleshoot.

Aside from that, acquiring all the needed materials is an adventure you would want to avoid embarking on.

To carry out repairs, you must buy the necessary parts for the door replacement.

If you are not an expert and attempt it, you will likely cause further damage. But you can take a shot at fixing the handle yourself with aftermarket parts. 

However, getting it done at a Tesla service center is safer when you weigh the pros and cons. Therefore, I recommend you stick to getting your Tesla fixed by an expert.

Do Tesla Door Handles Pop Out? 

Yes, a Tesla door handle automatically pops out when touched slightly. A light press on the handle makes it come out correctly.

Also, your phone key or key fob around you can automatically unlock your Tesla door. Just by pressing unlock, the door pops out.

Using a Tesla mobile app, you could still open a Tesla without the door handle presenting itself. 

Allowing an automated feature to aid in opening and closing your door is super cool. And no one wouldn’t want to enjoy that alternative.

Nevertheless, traditionally unlocking your Tesla is more convenient.

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