7 Best Air Fresheners For Tesla!

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:16 pm

Because we spend a lot of time in our cars, they can quickly develop unwanted odors. This is why air fresheners are essential for maintaining the atmosphere of vehicles.

For this reason, many Tesla owners wonder about the best air fresheners for their vehicles. Well, these items come in different fragrances, intensities, and designs. 

So, which Tesla air fresheners come highly recommended?

The Arcoche Tesla Air Freshener, the Fashion Automotive Car Fragrance Diffuser, and the Carget Tesla Air Freshener are among the best Tesla air fresheners. Also, Tesla users have relayed that the TEMAI, RISDORAY, PURGGO’s Eco-Purifier, and Tesla Craft Pendant Air Perfume Freshener are effective for maintaining their vehicle’s freshness. 

This guide talks about the best air fresheners for your Tesla. It expands on their pros, cons, and overall properties, helping you decide which to pick. 

Well, let’s dive right in.

What Are the Best Tesla Air Fresheners?

Seven Best Tesla Air Fresheners

Different individuals have different preferences when it comes to items like air fresheners. However, these items drift towards a similar usage. 

Because of this, it’s more likely to determine the most preferred confidently. Therefore, here are our most preferred Tesla air fresheners:

#1. Arcoche Tesla Air Freshener

Arcoche Tesla Air Freshener

The Arcoche Tesla Air Freshener is designed as a diffuser for the outlet vent. As a result, it fits quite well over the tiny vent space of a Tesla model Y and model 3. 

The styling of this air freshener aligns with Tesla’s overall minimal frame. The air freshener is designed with high-grade aluminum cylinders sprayed with well-textured paint.

The twin ring attachments on either side allow the air freshener to be placed more strongly in the car’s air vent. This design also prevents it from falling off while you drive.

Arcoche Tesla Air Freshener is made from essential oils obtained from plants. The material is safe, nonalcoholic, and aromatherapeutic. 

It works simply: by replacing unpleasant odors with a fresher and more natural fragrance. Well, its soft scent is subtle and not designed to be overpowering.

This air freshener is merged with a diffuser and four sticks of scent that last for as long as 45 days.

#1. What We Like

  • It has a convenient design.
  • Its fragrance is subtle yet effective.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t buy independent scent sticks.

#2. Fashion Automotive Car Fragrance Diffuser For Tesla

Fashion Automotive Car Fragrance Diffuser For Tesla

This Tesla air freshener is compatible with Tesla models 3, X, Y, and S. The design comprises aromatherapy sticks and wood grains.

This air freshener is safe for your health and your car’s interior. The shell has a decorative alloy strip and a metal and PVC clip.

The fragrances of this air freshener are inundated into a walnut log shell. This allows the scent to flow for quite an extended period.

You can use this air freshener for more than a month if you don’t leave your air conditioner on. Otherwise, you can use it for two months before needing a refill.

Fashion Automotive Car Fragrance Diffuser has a few advantages and downsides:

#1. What We Like

  • It perfectly fits your Tesla’s air vent.
  • Has a simple structure and is easy to install.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • It is quite expensive 

#3. TEMAI Tesla Car Aroma Diffuser

TEMAI Tesla Car Aroma Diffuser

This air freshener fits the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 without meddling with your line of sight. The pre-lined diffuser is well placed over the air conditioning outlet.

The TEMAI Tesla Car Aroma Diffuser is designed with a sleek, smooth zinc alloy sprayed with a silver color. This helps maintain its new outlook for a long time.

This diffuser is powered using air, so it begins to work when you put on your Tesla’s air conditioner. Well, its fragrance can last for up to four weeks, only getting affected by temperature.

This air freshener allows you to customize your preferred scent to match your preferred style. You can create scents ranging from jasmine, grass, lemon, and lily of the valley.

The TEMAI Tesla Car Aroma Diffuser also provides another option, allowing Tesla owners to use cedar and amber flavors.

#1. What We Like

  • It has a beautiful look that complements your car’s aesthetics.
  • It is long-lasting.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • It works with air conditioning, so you won’t perceive the scent if your AC isn’t on.

This air freshener also has a couple of benefits and demerits:

Pros Cons 
It fits excellently over your AC outlet.It’s quite bulky.
You can easily customize it..

#4. RISDORAY Tesla Car Air Freshener

RISDORAY Tesla Car Air Freshener

The RISDORAY Tesla Car Air Freshener is ideal for keeping your car fresh while being assured of your health. Its fragrance comprises essential oils obtained from plants.

These fresheners possess a custom vent clip adapter to hang on while you drive. Additionally, this type of air freshener is compatible with the Tesla Models Y and 3.

The RISDORAY Tesla Air Freshener is made with PC material and is quite easy to install. In addition, the package comes with two adapters to aid easy dual mounting. 

The most popular fragrances for this Tesla Air Freshener are Mirror of the Sky and Coffee Color. These do not cause irritation and last for more than 45 days.

#1. What We Like

  • The adapter’s stable structure ensures that it doesn’t fall off.
  • Its features make mounting easy.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • Outlets other than US outlets would require an adapter.

#5. Cargets Tesla Air Freshener

Cargets Tesla Air Fresh

The Cargets Tesla Air Freshener eliminates concerns regarding damages to the air conditioner’s surface. In addition, its design allows it to diffuse without contacting the air conditioning panel.

This air freshener is designed in Black and Silver or Yellow and Silver to match your Tesla’s interior. It is usable on both Tesla Models Y and 3.

The scent is propelled with fragrant tablets carrying some essential oils. Cargets Tesla Air Freshener lasts two weeks in the summer and a month in winter.

#1. What We Like

  • Its anti-slip feature allows it to fit anywhere in your car’s AC.
  • Its nonalcoholic scent is safe for kids.

#2. What We Like

  • It’s quite expensive 

#6. Tesla Craft Pendant Air Perfume Freshener

Tesla Craft Pendant Air Perfume Freshener

This air freshener fits all Tesla models, beating the problem of model-specificity. This item is similar to little tree fresheners and is used by hanging it on the rearview mirrors.

The air freshener’s white pendant carries the Tesla watermark and logo. In addition, these pendants are perfumed and gradually diffused to release their refreshing scent.

The Tesla Craft Pendant Air Perfume Freshener is simple to use and inexpensive. These features make it common among Tesla owners.

#1. What We Like

  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is compatible with all Tesla models.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • Its scent is strong and intense.
  • It may require an adapter to charge.

#7. PURGGO’s Long-Lasting Tesla Eco-Purifier

PURGGO’s Long-Lasting Tesla Eco-Purifier

Many car air fresheners last between 15 to 45 days. However, PURGGO’s Eco-Purifier freshens your car’s interior for 12 months.

Due to its longevity, it is considered very cost-efficient. It is also very effective for killing orders from cigarettes and pets, offering value for its purchase.

Its bamboo charcoal ingredient is effective for neutralizing odors. This charcoal works by trapping and absorbing odor from the air. This type of air freshener is popular among eco-conscious users.

PURGGO’s Tesla eco-purifier has a few advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of those:

#1. What We Like

  • You can recycle it because it’s natural.
  • It lasts over a year.
  • It also functions as a neutralizer.

#2. What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly more expensive.
  • Requires sunlight to function optimally for an extended period.


What Air Fresheners Do Tesla Detailers Use?

Most Tesla detailers use car deodorizers and sprays such as Vanilla Bean, New Car Scent, and Free Breezy. These also deodorize and deal with foul odors within the Tesla’s frame.

Where Do You Put the Air Freshener in a Tesla?

You can hang other air fresheners on your Tesla’s rearview mirror. Nonetheless, other Tesla owners still prefer to clip air fresheners under the driver’s side vent flap to the steering wheel hold.

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