4 Reasons For Tesla Power Reduced Warning! (Do This To Fix It)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:03 am

Have you ever wondered what the Power Reduced warning message means in a Tesla? 

The warning message may seem like it displays even when there’s nothing physically wrong with the car. 

However, the Power Reduced warning is a serious problem you should effectively treat immediately as soon as it highlights. 

Knowing why it displays in the first place and the solutions to the problems will give you better clarity on how to tackle them.

In Tesla vehicles, the Power Reduced warning pops up when the car’s computer detects a potential fault in the vehicle. The fault likely originates from the electronic throttle control system or the throttle position sensor. However, the faults can also be a cause of several other reasons. Solutions include tracing and repairing/replacing the faulty parts in the car. 

Here, I will list several reasons responsible for triggering the Tesla Power Reduced warning message and how to go about solving them. 

That said, below are four reasons behind the Power Reduced warning in Tesla vehicles and their solutions. 

Why Tesla Displays Power Reduced Warning?

Tesla Power Reduced Warning (4 Reasons & Solutions)

Below are some reasons why your Tesla displays a Power Reduced warning and the solutions. 

#1. Faulty Electronic Throttle Control System

The power-reduced warning will certainly flag if the vehicle’s faulty electronic throttle control system. 

The essence of the warning and its immediate effect (reducing the car’s speed) is to prevent further damage. Or even fatal ones can occur if the car continues moving at its regular speed. 

To get a clear picture of why the power reduced warning will display if there’s damage to the electronic throttle control system.

You need to know how the ETC system works. The inverter in the ETC system receives instructions from the “Go pedal.”

The “Go pedal” is what inputs the amount of electricity the inverter sends to the motor. The amount of electricity is usually within a few thousand watts. 

However, because most electric vehicles use brushless, three-phase AC motors, the inverter must convert the Direct current from the battery to AC for the motor. 

Since the “Go Pedal” controls the amount of electricity, it indirectly controls the torque and speed of the car. 

The ETC system will fail if a problem disrupts or damages this power transfer cycle or damages either the Go Pedal or the inverter. 

It will, in turn, cause the Power Reduced warning to flag and reduce the car’s acceleration power. 


To fix a faulty electronic throttle control system, take it to a professional to properly diagnose and make repairs on your car. 

If the professional says the throttle system needs replacement, do so accordingly. 

#2. Engine Performance Problems

In some cases, the power-reduced warning message will flag when there is an underlying issue with the car’s engine. 

An example is if there is an issue with the car batteries or the motor is damaged. All these can cause the vehicle’s computer to flag the Power Reduced warning message. 


In cases where your Tesla’s battery is faulty, it is best to replace them entirely and not try to repair them. 

Tesla batteries are well made, and if they do develop faults, it could most likely be that they have elapsed their life span and are due for a change. 

If any damage falls on the EV’s motor, have a professional trace the fault and repair or replace the motor immediately. 

#3. Faulty Throttle Position Sensor

A few signs that hint that your throttle position sensor is bad include the following:

  • Stalling.
  • Vehicle’s inability to shift up.
  • Car Misfiring.
  • Sporadic idle conditions due to fluctuating airflow.
  • Lack of power when accelerating.

When the throttle position sensor is bad, the Power Reduced warning message will flag up. 


Buy new throttle position sensors to replace the old ones on the vehicle. 

You could try resetting the throttle position sensors by detaching the negative cable from the Tesla’s Battery for 10 minutes before reconnecting them. 

If this does not work, the sensors are most likely damaged beyond normal resetting.

Please do not attempt to repair the sensors. It is better to replace them entirely instead. 

#4. Circuit Problems

Circuit problems like faulty connections and damaged wires can trigger the Power Reduced warning message. 

Circuit problems are fairly common and are one of the likeliest reasons behind a Power Reduced warning message. 


Go to a certified Tesla repair shop and have them take a look at the vehicle’s wiring harness. 

They may have to change a few wires and tweak some connections. Or, they could replace the entire wiring harness if necessary. 

A faulty sensor problem usually stems from wrong wiring in the electric vehicle. 

When you take your Tesla to a professional to repair and get rid of the Power Reduced warning display, the professional must run a proper diagnostics check on the vehicle. 

The essence of the diagnostics check is to trace the fault and know the correct fix for it.

Scan the electric vehicle for diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) with a scan tool or a code reader. 

The diagnostic trouble codes will point you in the right direction where fixing is necessary. 

It is important to note that the diagnostics check or the trouble codes do not tell you what is wrong with the vehicle. It only points out areas you can begin troubleshooting. 

How Do You Turn Off the Power Reduced Warning on a Tesla?

Once you notice the Power Reduced warning display on your vehicle, please take it to a certified Tesla mechanic to run diagnostics on the car with a code reader. 

The diagnostics test will reveal trouble codes about underlying issues affecting the car.

The light will stop flashing once the power Reduced warning issue has been resolved. 

A simple solution you could try out that may turn off the Power Reduced warning is cleaning the vehicle’s throttle body. 

Sometimes debris and grease can clog sensitive components in the throttle’s body and hinder its function. 

However, your best bet at tackling the issue is taking it to a certified Tesla mechanic for proper inspection and repairs. 

Below is a table that lists and explains the meaning of a few Tesla error codes.

Error  CodesMeaning
0Critical brick overvoltage fault. Battery problem service required.
2The vehicle’s battery is too cold. The critical sheet is under temp fault.
3Maintenance service required. 
4The vehicle’s battery is too hot and shutting down—critical sheet temp fault.
6Battery problem service required. VMS: APS failure.
7Battery service is required.
8The vehicle idles for one hour, shutting down.
10Charging problem.
13Battery problem service required—critical Brick under voltage fault.
14ESS temperature sensor fault.
16Battery problem service required. BMB: Sheet Alarm.
19Isolation resistance warning.
21Debug-Only Msg. APS over temp warning.
61Park Lock problem vehicles may be free-rolling.
90Transmission error, service required. 
54Coolant system problem charging restricted to HVAC: No data fault.
259Charge aborted battery problem; service required. The battery is too low to charge.

How Long Does a Tesla Battery Last?

A Tesla battery can last between 20 to 35 years. However, the battery’s lifespan will depend on its usage and maintenance. 

Tesla batteries can last between 300,000 to 500,000 miles before they start diminishing in strength and quality. 

A standard Tesla battery will last at least 260 miles on a single charge.

However, this depends on the Tesla model and battery size. Different models have varying mileage ranges.

Below is a table highlighting a few models and their respective ranges.

Tesla ModelsMileage Range
Tesla Model 3 Long range334 Miles
Tesla Model S375 Miles.
Tesla Model S Plaid348 Miles
Tesla Model X332 Miles
Tesla Model X Plaid313 Miles

If you have issues with your Tesla battery after purchasing the vehicle, try contacting Tesla’s customer support service through this link. 


#1. How Do You Reset Engine Power Reduced?

You have to solve the underlying issue responsible for triggering the Power Reduced Warning in the first place.

#2. Can You Drive Safely With the Reduced Power Light On?

If it is minor damage responsible for triggering the Reduced Power light, you can drive it briefly. However, if the damages are severe, do not attempt to drive the car until fixed.

Final Thoughts

Tesla’s Power Reduced Warning message pops up for several reasons, including circuit problems, a faulty electronic throttle control system, or a bad throttle position sensor. 

To solve these issues, have a professional Tesla mechanic run proper diagnostics on the car to trace the faults and repair or replace the damaged parts immediately. 

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