Tesla Key Card (Uses, Benefits, & More)

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 03:02 am

Due to their convenience and technological advancements, many people now prefer key cards to traditional key fobs. 

Many drivers agree that Tesla Key Cards led this shift in preference, a testament to Tesla’s commitment to initiating innovation and user-friendly technology.

With key cards, Tesla provides users with a sleek, secure, and modern way to access their electric cars.

Tesla harnessed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to craft compact and convenient cards to replace traditional key fobs.

Tesla key cards come in handy when you can’t use your phone because it’s out of battery, when it’s unavailable, or when someone, like a valet, requires temporal access. They help to unlock, drive, and lock a Tesla without requiring a conventional key or smartphone.

This article satisfactorily captures the details of Tesla key cards. It considers their numerous uses, benefits, and the possibility of operating a Tesla without a key card. 

Here, we will also consider the step-by-step process of adding and removing Key card access.

What Are Tesla Key Cards?

Tesla Key Card

Tesla key cards are cutting-edge, portable devices that allow you to lock, drive, and unlock your Tesla. 

These keys depict the growth of automotive comfort. Tesla key cards are the size of a credit card and supplant traditional key fobs.

The credit-card-sized key uses Radio Frequency Identification  (RFID) technology to transform how Tesla owners interact with their vehicles.

Tesla key cards serve as a simplified replacement for conventional keys. They give owners a quick and simple way to enter, start, and control their Tesla vehicles.

To unlock your Tesla, place the key card on the driver’s side pillar post, holding it for up to 2 seconds. 

The vehicle unlocks when the lights flash, the mirrors unfold, and the horn honks twice. 

The same process applies to the locking, except that this time, the horn honks once, and the mirrors fold in.

Also, placing the key on the interior console starts the ignition process instead of using a physical key or button press.

The design of key cards shows Tesla’s commitment and great sense of innovation. 

7 Uses And Benefits Of A Tesla Key Card

Tesla key cards have a lot of uses and benefits, providing an innovative and user-friendly solution to vehicle access and control. 

Therefore, this section outlines some uses and benefits of the Tesla key card. 

#1. Uses Of A Tesla Key Card

You can use your Tesla key card to perform several activities on your car, from gaining access to it to even sharing the access.

The uses of Tesla key cards include:

#1. Vehicle Access

Gaining access to your vehicle is the cardinal use of Tesla key cards. Like conventional keys, Tesla key cards provide a secure and efficient means of accessing the vehicle.

Simply holding the card near the car’s door unlocks it without needing physical keys.

#2. Ignition

Another essential purpose of Tesla key cards is ignition. Tesla key cards also help in the ignition process. 

When you place your key card on the interior console of your vehicle, the vehicle effortlessly ignites.

With a Tesla key card, inserting a key or pushing a button to start the vehicle is unnecessary.

#3. Driving

You can also use your Tesla key card for driving. The key card’s presence within the vehicle enables continuous driving.

With the key card in place, you can now drive your Tesla just like you would with a traditional key or key fob. 

You must not necessarily remove it from your wallet during the journey, as the car’s systems detect its presence.

#4. Valet Mode

The Tesla key card can activate the “Valet Mode.” Activating the “Valet Mode” helps to limit certain vehicle functions and information access when others operate the car.

#5. Backup Access

Key cards serve as a reliable backup, especially when other methods of accessing and controlling the vehicle are unavailable or not feasible.

#6. Security

Key cards use encrypted communication to ensure secure access while minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

#7. Shared Access

With the key cards, you can share your car with your family and friends, as with conventional keys.

They also provide them with controlled access to the car without requiring access to your smartphone or key fob. 

#2. Benefits Of A Tesla Key Card

Tesla key cards have many benefits, including convenience, compact mess, and integration with modern technology.

Tesla key cards perform better than other alternatives for accessing and controlling vehicles. 

Consider some of its benefits outlined below: 

#1. Convenience

Tesla key cards provide quicker and more intuitive access than traditional keys. Instead of fumbling and wasting time searching as you would with a physical key, the key card is faster.

#2. Compactness

The credit card size of Tesla key cards makes it easier to walk with, storing them in your wallet or pockets.

With Tesla key cards, you no longer need bulky key chains.

#3. Modern Technology

Tesla key cards use cutting-edge RFID technology, boosting user experience and keeping up with the digital age.

#4. Efficiency

Tesla key cards are more efficient than other alternatives for accessing and controlling electronic vehicles. 

The process of unlocking and starting the car simplifies the overall driving experience.

#5. Valet Mode Security

The “Valet Mode” adds a layer of security and privacy to your vehicle when lending it to others. It hides 

It curtails certain settings and information access, enhancing your privacy and security.

#6. Reliability

Key cards are very reliable as they serve as a backup option. Key cards offer continuous vehicle access, even if you lose your smartphone or are low on battery.

#7. Flexibility

Key cards work alongside smartphone access, providing options for users based on their preferences and circumstances.

Can You Use A Tesla Without A Key Card? 

You can use a Tesla without a key card. There are several other options for using a Tesla without a key card. 

These methods offer versatility and flexibility in using Tesla without relying solely on a physical key card.

Some of the methods through which you can use a Tesla without a key card include:

#1. Tesla Mobile App

The Tesla Mobile App serves as a virtual key and is accessible on compatible smartphones.

It lets you lock, unlock, start, and manage your vehicle remotely. The app-based approach offers similar opportunities to the key card. 

It is also a convenient way to interact with your Tesla. You can interact with your car remotely using the Tesla Mobile app, even if you are not nearby.

The app allows you to monitor and control various functions, such as climate control, anywhere with an internet connection.

#2. Phone Key

The Tesla phone key is a feature that is unique for providing quick service. It allows you to use your smartphone as a proximity key to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle.

#3. Key fob

Many Tesla models come with traditional key fobs. The key fob enables you to unlock and start your car using a key card.

Tesla key fobs offer convenience and function similar to other vehicle key fobs.

The table below conveys the pros and cons of using Tesla keycards.

ConvenienceLimited features
Slim designMight require a battery to function
Spare keyPhysical wear
Contactless entryNo remote access
Emergency useLimited customization

How To Add And Remove Key Card Access To Your Tesla?

Tesla service centers and automobile mechanics charge a reasonable amount to help you add or remove your key card. 

However, adding and removing key card access is simple and learnable. With knowledge of the process, you’ll save some bucks and enjoy a wholesome Tesla maintenance experience. 

Follow this step-by-guide below to add and remove key card access to your Tesla:

#1. Adding A Tesla Card Access

Tesla key cards are leading the new wave, and there’s no reason to be left behind. You can purchase a key card for your Tesla at any time, and adding it to your is seamless. 

Follow the steps below to add Tesla card access:

  1. Enter your Tesla: Ensure you are inside your Tesla with the key card you want to add.
  2. Access Vehicle Settings: To access the vehicle settings, tap the “Controls” or “Settings” Icon on the touchscreen display.
    You can usually find it on the center console. The tapping will take you to the vehicle settings Menu.
  3. Go to the “Locks” Section: Find the “Locks” option in the vehicle settings menu and tap on it. Usually, this section controls various locking and unlocking features.
  4. Select “Key Card”: Search for the option labeled “Key Card” or “Key Settings.” Here’s a place to manage key card-related configurations
  5. Add A New Key Card: Select “Add Key Card” or “Pair New Key Card.” The on-screen prompts will lead you to pair the new card with your vehicle.
  6. Scan Your New Key Card: You must place the new key card on the center console for verification. Therefore, you need the physical presence of the key card during the process.

Once the pairing process is complete, you have to remove it from the card reader, and you will receive a confirmation message.

#2. How To Remove Key Card Access

Like your credit cards, your key card could break or get damaged for some reason.

While you can use multiple key cards on your Tesla, it’s more tidy to unpair non-functional key cards from your car. 

Below are the steps for removing key card access:

  1. Access your vehicle settings: To reach the vehicle settings menu, follow steps 1 and 2 from the “How To Add Key Card Access” section.
  2. Go to the “Locks” Section: Again, search the “Locks” option within the vehicle settings menu and tap on it.
  3. Select “Key Card”: Select the “Key Card or “Key Setting.”
  4. Choose Key Card to Remove: You’ll see a list of paired key cards. Select the key card you want to remove from the list.
  5. Confirm Removal: The system will prompt you to confirm the removal. Confirm your decision. That’s all.

Depending on the precise model and software version of your Tesla, the instructions can be slightly different.

Always refer to the owner’s manual or Tea’s official documentation for the most precise instructions.

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