Tesla EDD Pushed Back! (Possible Causes & Solutions)

Last updated on April 18th, 2023 at 11:18 pm

You may have recently purchased a brand new Tesla, and you are frustrated that the delivery date for the vehicle keeps getting pushed back.

You may also have gotten a notification with your VIN code and the EDD from Tesla, but your vehicle is still yet to arrive.

This article answers why your Tesla EDD is being pushed back and tips you can follow to prevent this from happening again.

Your Tesla EDD keeps getting pushed back because of Tesla’s distribution algorithm, the demand versus the supply of the particular Tesla you ordered, and delays due to customizations you requested on your Tesla. How you place the order for your Tesla can also play a huge role in why the delivery date keeps getting pushed back. 

Why Does Tesla EDD Keep Getting Pushed Back?

Tesla EDD Pushed Back

It is because of various factors, including delayed updates from customers’ end, logistics problems, and the demand and supply for your particular Tesla model. 

Below are a few tips you can follow that can hasten the process of getting your Tesla on time and avoid your EDD getting pushed back:

#1. Set Up Your Order As a Cash Purchase

It is wiser to set up your order as a Cash Purchase and then update it much later to a Loan Purchase at the time when your VIN comes out. 

Doing this can hasten to get your Tesla on time and cut down on delays and red tape. 

#2. Update Your Loan Status Every 60 Days

Not updating your Loan Status after your application can cause delays from Tesla’s end. If you don’t update your loan status, your delivery date will be delayed. 

When you update it, Tesla will set your EDD back a few months to make time to affect the delivery. 

#3. Update Your Odometer Every 30 days

Updating your Odometer reading every 30 days is important if you are doing a trade-in. 

It will ensure your spot is secure in line and Tesla has all the necessary details to execute your delivery on time. 

If you do not update your Odometer reading every 30 days, there is a high likelihood that your EDD will keep getting pushed back until the Odometer is updated. 

#4. Check Your Tesla App Regularly

Although Tesla doesn’t send out update notifications whenever they are due, there is a way you can tell when your account needs an update. 

However, you must log onto the Tesla app at least once weekly. When you log onto the Tesla app, you will find a blue icon that reads “View.

If this icon reads “View Account,” it means there is most likely a pending update in your account you are yet to settle.

Click on the icon and review your account all over. Inspect the Odometer reading and your loan status as well while logged in.

If your EDD keeps getting pushed back repeatedly, you could try contacting Tesla’s customer support service through this link to get first-hand information on the hold-up. 

Tesla does prioritize delivery of more expensive models with fuller packages than regular models.

Below are a few model types you can expect to be delivered faster than a regular long-range all-wheel drive model:

Models Features
Tesla Model Y PerformanceIt Has a top speed of 155mph and an engine power of 450 hp.
Tesla Model XIt accelerates up to 60mph and has a 670-hp engine.
Tesla Model S PlaidIt can accelerate up to 60mph in under 2 seconds and has a 1020 HP engine.

What Is the Accuracy of Tesla EDD?

Tesla’s EDD is not very reliable. The dates get pushed back for almost everyone, although priority is given to more expensive orders in the delivery hierarchy.

Tesla’s unreliable EDD is one of the reasons why it is best to set up your order as a car purchase instead of applying for a loan. 

Loans have maturity dates and accrue interest the longer they are left unused. 

If you set up your Tesla order as a loan, chances are that as Tesla’s EDD dates keep getting pushed back, so will the interest you’ll have to pay for the loan application keep increasing. 

It doesn’t have to be this way because you can set up your order as Cash Purchase and change it to a loan the week you get your VIN.

Thus, this is because the probability of constantly having your EDD pushed back after obtaining your VIN is highly unlikely. 

Usually, when you get your VIN, your car is finished, and Tesla is ready to deliver to you. 

Sometimes the date might also get pushed back a little, but it should not take more than six months after issuing your VIN.

You can save money by avoiding paying different interest rates for a technicality that is not your fault.

When Does Tesla Update Their EDD?

After receiving your VIN and EDD, you must do a few things to prepare for the delivery from Tesla. It can be daily or intermittently, every couple of days. 

Usually, because the EDD keeps changing, most customers don’t take the time to make these preparations, and their orders keep pending.

Below are a few of these preparation steps:

  • You must submit your insurance details, final payment, and the necessary documents on the Tesla app before your delivery appointment. 
  • The documents include your Driver’s license, Auto insurance, and Trade-in Ownership documents (if you are using the trade-in option to purchase your vehicle).
  • Select your preferred delivery method once you receive an SMS from Tesla notifying you that your vehicle has been assigned. 

Also, at this point, complete the final payment to Tesla; if not, the delivery might get delayed since Tesla requires full payment before making the delivery.

Does Tesla EDD Push Forward?

Yes, sometimes Tesla can push your EDD forward. However, it is best to wait until you have your VIN before you secure financing. 

During this period, take out the time to update all necessary documents or pending submissions.

If you applied for a trade-in, check to see if it is still under review. If it is, find out if the reason stems from any delays.

Because usually, if Tesla isn’t done reviewing your trade-in application, they might push back your EDD when they finally do. 

Therefore, the earlier, the better. Sometimes, the EDD date might get pushed forward and backward. The problem is not entirely Tesla’s fault.

The brand has to deal with issues such as Logistics, Production, and timely completion of delivery tasks from customers.

In instances like these, it can help if you call a Tesla representative that can clear out or explain the hurdles causing the hold-up.

The representative may also be able to fast-track the process or tell you what details from your end might be delaying the delivery. 


Tesla EDD is prone to delays and fluctuating delivery dates. However, some of these reasons are not entirely Tesla’s fault. 

You can improve your chances of getting your order on time by updating your Odometer reading and loan status every 3 or 6 months. 

Remember to only secure financing for your Tesla when you receive your VIN.

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